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Remains of the Day: Patent-troll hunter

Emboldened by a previous victory, one of these pesky firms is suing Apple a second time; elsewhere, the new MacBook Air falls to pieces, Apple sets its sights on box eradication, and Samsung backtracks on a poor decision.

Weekly Wrap: Spotify, Netflix alternatives, Apple software updates

We look back at week that included Apple software updates (but not Lion), Netflix price hikes, and still more patent lawsuits.

Spotify music-streaming service launches in U.S.

Music-streaming service Spotify has finally arrived in the U.S., though if you want the full experience immediately, you'll need to hand over some cash.

Remains of the Day: A banner day

In addition to our cloud-themed numbers, read up on shortages of Time Capsules and AirPort Extremes, and how excited Nokia's new CEO is about iPhone-toting employees--the answer might surprise you.

Remains of the Day: Fly the friendly iSkies

More pilots are bringing iPads into the cockpit, PayPal's following the money straight to Google, and Lodsys has decided that taking on just one of the world's biggest tech companies isn't enough.

Remains of the Day: You know what's cool? Half a million

It's a supersized edition of the remainders as we tackle the latest rumored developments in Apple's deal with labels and publishers over a cloud music service, Google's possible entry into the mobile payment field, and Apple's latest patent haul.

Remains of the Day: Potent potables

It's time to talk cloud licensing (the legal distinctions between stratus and cumulonimbus are really quite fascinating), Verizon's tiered data plans (your choice of large, extra large, or patently ridiculous), and Apple's latest trademark defense (what is this "App Store" of which you speak?).

Remains of the Day: Smaller and smaller

Apple plans to shrink down SIM cards even further, the secret of the iPhone's noise cancellation is revealed, and Angry Birds have jumped from the screen to real life.

Remains of the Day: Happy birthday to us

The music labels say they're counting on Apple, because Apple's never let them down; Cupertino's the target of another location-data lawsuit; and Apple avoids becoming the target of a massive open-source manhunt.

Android app streams music and video to Apple TV

DoubleTwist, an Android app, now offers support for streaming music and video to the Apple TV.

Remains of the Day: Dance like nobody’s watching

Apple sends one of its top men to speak before Congress, jumps almost twenty spots on the Fortune 500, and strikes a deal with another major publisher--all before noon. Guess someone ate their Wheaties.

Remains of the Day: Mystery spot

Has the mystery of the white iPhone's delay been solved? Mayhaps. But the mystery of when the iPhone 5 will arrive is still up in the air, and the iPad is perplexing members of our government.

Remains of the Day: No matter where you go

Location tracking: it's the story that just won't stop. (Tracking you, that is--won't stop tracking you.) Now it's gotten Apple in hot water both at home and abroad, but what, Steve worry? Nah.