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Gifts for media lovers

Dan Frakes joins host Chris Breen to talk about holiday gifts for the media lovers in your life.

WebTunes provides Web-based iTunes interface

Music fans who want to marry their song library to the power of the Web have a potential new union available: WebTunes, a program that lets users play their iTunes library through their browser.

Gear Guide: For your entertainment

If you're shopping for someone who loves music, movies, or TV, we've got some suggestions.

Holiday wish list: James Galbraith

This year, Macworld Lab Director James Galbraith would love to get some new audio gear to upgrade his home studio.

TuneLink Auto can bridge iPhone, car stereo with Bluetooth

Accessory maker New Potato Technologies has released the TuneLink Auto, an in-car audio solution for iOS devices that works using Bluetooth and an FM transmitter or auxiliary cable.

Remains of the Day: It's not a doll, it's an action figure

We knew Steve Jobs was a man of action--but an action figure? Also, apparently somebody still cares about the Beatles, and a grassroots movement attempts to convince Apple to do things their way. That'll go well.

Gear Guide: For your entertainment

Shopping for someone who loves movies, music, or TV? (Who isn't?) Here are eight suggestions for Mac-friendly gear they'll love.

Beatlemania! iTunes and the hype machine

Join Christopher Breen, Jonathan Seff, Dan Frakes, Dan Moren, and Jason Snell as they discuss the Beatles, iTunes, marketing hype, and maybe silly sound effects.

Remains of the Day: Helter skelter

Apple's got the Beatles all to itself—at least for a while; RIM's mythical tablet faces off against the iPad; and Adobe says that the amazing battery-eating Flash isn't its fault. Really.

GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer keeps TV volume level

Gefen's GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer with Digital Audio Decoder stabilizes your TV's audio signal, giving you a consistent volume level while you channel surf.

The Beatles arrive on iTunes

After years of wrangling, the Beatles have finally arrived on iTunes. The full catalog of songs by the Fab Four is available for download, by album, track, and complete box set.

Report: Beatles music coming to iTunes

Apple will announce that its iTunes store will begin selling music by The Beatles on Tuesday, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Remains of the Day: Dance like everybody’s watching

One musical act is up to its usual shenanigans, now iPhone-enhanced; the father of "net neutrality" is scared of Apple; and an ex-Apple exec finds yet another new home.