Don't-Miss DVD player Stories

TechHive: Fox to try releasing movies as downloads before DVDs

Twentieth Century Fox is testing to see what happens when it releases movies as downloads from the iTunes Store and elsewhere before DVDs and Blu-rays go on sale.

Netflix raises rates for combined streaming and DVD subscriptions

Netflix has hiked some of its prices by 60 percent, while introducing a new DVD-only plan.

Expo Notes: OWC Mac mini-based home media system

Creating a Mac mini-based media center and finding the right combination of hardware and software can be a lot of hard work. At Macworld 2011, OWC demoed its attempt to simply the process.

UltraViolet could mean you'll really 'own' that movie

A group of Hollywood studios and technology companies has come up with a system for buying digital movies and TV shows that's supposed to do away with the problem of content being locked to a narrow set of devices by the company that sold it.