Don't-Miss Networked player Stories lays odds on potential CES announcements has released its odds for various possible CES announcements, including a Verizon iPhone.

Remains of the Day: Angry angry amoebae

Apple predicted the Apple TV's future, the iPad nano got hacked, T-Mobile's dissing AT&T again, and iPads are the best tablet around.

2010 in review: The year in entertainment

2010 brought us a totally revamped Apple TV, a new crop of iPods, iTunes 10, and much more. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the big events of the past 12 months in the world of Apple and entertainment.

Apple TV to hit one million sales this week

Apple announced on Tuesday that the company is due to sell its one millionth second-generation Apple TV later this week.

Remains of the Day: Time and again

Redmond once again starts its photocopiers, while Motorola insists it's breaking the mold for tablets, and Google TV goes back to the drawing table.

Gifts for media lovers

Dan Frakes joins host Chris Breen to talk about holiday gifts for the media lovers in your life.

Apple TV 4.1.1 update corrects minor bugs

Apple on Tuesday released an Apple TV software update that corrects minor playback and downloading bugs.

Netflix scores Disney-produced movies, TV shows

The online video giant can now stream a wealth of new content from Disney and ABC studios, including TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs, as well as films like High School Musical.

Remains of the Day: Leftovers

The turkey and stuffing may be gone, but there's still plenty of leftovers in the tech world. Help yourself to the latest missive from Steve Jobs, another case of Apple laying the smack down, and some wishful photoshopping by Verizon.

TiVo Premiere app turns iPad into remote, program guide

Tivo has announced the Tivo Premiere app for iPad, which will let Tivo customers browse full-screen program guides on their iPads without interrupting playback, schedule one-time recordings and Season Pass recordings while on-the-go, and control playback with simple gestures, among other things.

Netflix raises prices, introduces streaming-only plan

Netflix on Monday raised rates for its DVD plans, and also introduced a new, cheaper streaming-only plan.

Apple to enable AirPlay with Apple TV 4.1 software update

Apple will release an Apple TV 4.1 software update on Monday, enabling AirPlay as well as VoiceOver accessibility.

Hulu Plus leaves preview, drops price

Video streaming site Hulu announced on Wednesday that its Hulu Plus subscription service is now available to all at a lower price and with a new hardware partner.

aTV Flash progressing for new Apple TV, beta soon

This modification that supports features like playing content from a USB drive and streaming from more services is almost ready for the new Apple TV.

DVPRemote 2.0 adds Instant Replay, keyboard support

This iOS remote app for Roku's Netflix and Amazon media player gains a bunch of new features and integration, from an Instant Replay button to on-device Netflix queue browsing and full keyboard support.