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Macworld Pundit Showdown VII

The brightest minds in the Mac universe once again show off their punditry prowess in a competition that forces them to weigh in on Mac current events.

Remains of the Day: Boys will be boys

A boy millionaire gets inspired by Steve Jobs, rumored legal troubles over a rumored name change, and more in today's remainders.

Remains of the Day: It's happening everywhere

Apple Stores are spreading throughout the world like one of those scary plague diagrams from Outbreak, but if there’s one Apple product that isn’t catching on like an infectious disease, it’s the Apple TV. Plus, the epidemic that is the App Store will burn out eventually, says…some guy.

Dish Network to offer live streaming to iOS devices

Dish Network has announced that, come September, the company would be offering subscribers the option of streaming TV content to their iOS devices at no extra cost.

Sonic and Widevine to bring movie streaming to the iPhone, iPad

Sonic Solutions and Widevine have announced they're joining forces to help bring streaming movies to iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices.

Vulkano placeshifting DVR now available for pre-order

Monsoon Multimedia is now taking pre-orders for the Vulkano, a live TV placeshifting and streaming device that will let you record, watch, and control your live TV channels from anywhere in the world on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

Roku teams with MP3tunes to deliver music streaming

Roku has teamed up with MP3tunes to provide a way for Roku users to stream their iTunes music libraries on their TV without a home server.

Netflix coming to Canada, launching this fall

Movie rental company Netflix will bring a streaming-only service to the Great White North this fall.

Intel combines smart TV with smart remote

The development of "smart TVs" is also leading, not surprisingly, to the creation of a smart remote as well, thanks to Intel.

Western Digital releases WD TV Live Plus

Western Digital on Wednesday introduced the WD TV Live Plus media player.

Getting ready for WWDC

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference begins next week, and our editors tell you what to expect from Monday's keynote.

Macworld's Gift Guide for Grads

Whether your grad is exiting high school or college remind them that it's not all just pomp and circumstance with this selection of potential gifts. There's something for everybody who's about to take their first step into a larger world.

Analysts: Apple needs to jump on TV opportunity

Apple has to make its mark in the burgeoning TV segment, analysts told IDG News Service.