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Remains of the Day: Three-picture deal

Apple gets ready to play let's-make-a-deal with Hollywood, knocks off an Android app, and gets sued for being too smart.

Apple earnings preview: iPad sales to grab the spotlight

The new iPad is likely to be the highlight of Apple's second quarter performance, especially in a period which saw few major product launches or revisions.

Remains of the Day: Starck contrast

A noted French designer is (or isn't) working on a project for Apple. Tim Cook definitely (may have) visited the offices of a prominent video game company. And Amazon offers (a ton) a decent number of streaming titles.

Remains of the Day: Chasing the clouds away

The forecast for the next version of iTunes is cloudy; Apple's got stormy seas ahead in court; and Nokia and Microsoft could really use a ray of sunshine about now.

Weekly Wrap: Apple dividend, Apple TV tips, new iPad sales, and more

Sure, Apple didn't release another new iPad or new Apple TV this week, but the company didn't let the week go by without making some news. If you want to make sure you're caught up on Apple's news from the past week, along with our reviews, tutorials, and opinion pieces, you've come to the right place: The Weekly Wrap. Population: Me and you.

Remains of the Day: Welcome changes

iPads and e-readers may soon to be persona grata during all portions of flights, the new Apple TV contains minor improvements over its predecessor, and Foxconn says it won't sue over an inaccurate story.

Remains of the Day: Myths and legends

The new iPad gets a legendary first unboxing, the rumored iTV is spotted overseas, and Microsoft has created a magical new touchscreen.

Remains of the Day: More like Follywood

Two movie studios slowly embrace the future, Apple's new campus inches closer to takeoff, and one customer has angry words for Siri.

Remains of the Day: Stage presence

Former Apple exec Ron Johnson is in the spotlight, Apple brings the curtain down on any idea of a "Kindle threat," and iTunes Match now allows for encore performances of some movies.

Hands On with Apple TV Software Update 5.0

On Wednesday, Apple introduced a new version of its Apple TV media player, but the company also brought all of that model's software improvements to its predecessor, via Apple TV Software Update 5.0. Here's a look at what the new software brings to both the second- and third-generation Apple TV.

Remains of the Day: Take your best shot

A Retina display screenshot is worth approximately 4000 words, Kodak snaps a picture of Apple's frustrated face, and Microsoft shoots, but may not score, in a licensing imbroglio.

Apple TV (third generation): What you need to know

The third-generation Apple TV, unveiled Wednesday, shows Apple is taking its hobby just a little bit more seriously, thanks to improved video support and an overhauled interface. But there are still plenty of questions about the latest edition. Here’s what we know so far.

Apple unveils new Apple TV with 1080p support, updated UI

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV model on Wednesday, with support for 1080p video and a new user interface, at a special event in San Francisco.

Remains of the Day: Think for yourself

Foxconn is looking through you (or your next iPad), AT&T urges customers to run for their lives (from antiquated wireless networks), and Walter Isaacson says “you won’t see me” (revealing details of the next Apple TV).

Weekly Wrap: iPad 3? Apple TV? These and more fill us with glee!

This week saw numerous headlines in the world of Apple, including an announcement about a special event next week wherein the company just might announce a new version of iWeb. Or, more likely, a new iPad. We cover that story and more in this Seussified edition of the Weekly Wrap.