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iFixit publishes customary tear-down of the 3G iPod shuffle

Consisting of a very small assortment of parts, the new iPod shuffle is one of the simplest iPods to take apart.

Third-Generation iPod shuffle: What you need to know

Your questions about the third-generation iPod shuffle... answered!

Apple releases iTunes 8.1 update

Apple updated iTunes, adding genius for video and the ability for users to connect to the new iTunes DJ via the iPhone and vote for songs.

Apple unveils new iPod shuffle

Apple introduced the new iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver. The new iPod is the smallest the company has ever made.

Hands on with the Fusion iPod car stereo

Macworld's Dan Frakes shows you the clever Fusion CA-IP500, a car stereo unit with an iPod dock hidden behind the face.

Microsoft: Zune revenue dropped by 54 percent

Microsoft’s revenue from its Zune music player platform fell by $100 million, or 54 percent, in the fourth quarter.

Settlement reached over scratched 1G iPod nanos

Owners of first-generation iPod nanos that shipped without a protective coating are eligible for a small settlement.

The top 10 standout Macs of the past 25 years

To celebrate the Mac’s 25th anniversary, Computerworld’s Michael DeAgonia looked back over the years and picked 10 Apple computers that altered the company’s course and changed the way the world works and communicates.

CES: Sony unwraps two new media players

The Walkman X and W Series make up latest attempt to take on Apple’s popular iPod.

iLuv dual-dock alarm clock offers either port in a storm

The iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with Weather Brand Radio features docks for charging two devices at once, including any iPod with a dock connector and the iPhone 3G.

Zune chokes on leap-year bug

Microsoft confirmed that Zune 30GB players were frozen Wednesday because of a bug in the device’s internal clock driver.

2008 in review: Apple

It was a good year for Apple. From strong Mac sales, to the iPhone 3G success and some good moves for iTunes, Apple made the most of 2008.

Remember, engraved iPods are yours for life

Planning on buying a personalized iPod for someone this holiday season? Just remember that they're not returnable.