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The iPod classic’s final act

All signs from Tuesday’s music event point to the end of the line for the iPod classic, which now only comes in a single 120GB offering.

New-look nano highlights Apple’s iPod changes

Apple revamped its iPod line Tuesday, introducing a nano with a larger screen, a single iPod classic model, and changes to the iPod touch line.

Analysis: After a tough summer, Apple enters its comfort zone

After a summer of iPhone highs and lows, Apple figures to return to its biggest product strengths—iPods and iTunes—at Tuesday's press event in San Francisco.

Logitech unveils Squeezebox Boom tabletop music player

Logitech announced the new Squeezebox Boom, a self-contained networked music player with support for Internet Radio, iTunes libraries, multiple alarm clocks, and more.

iRecord Pro records audio, video directly to iPhone

iRecord Pro can record audio or video directly to you iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano or iPod Classic, without using a computer.

Nvidia goes after Intel with Tegra processors

Nvidia announced its Tegra line of Arm-based processors on Monday, setting up a competition with Intel.

Griffin unveils iTrip AutoPilot for iPhone

Long time iPod developer, Griffin Technology, unveiled on Wednesday its newest accessory, the iTrip AutoPilot. The good news is that the company added support for the iPhone.

TransDock iPod FM transmitters add IntelliTune

DLO has updated its TransDock FM transmitters for iPod models with IntelliTune, which scans the FM band for the clearest frequency.

Apple rolls out 2.0.2 update for Apple TV

The updated software for Apple’s set-top box delivers a collection of unenumerated bug-fixes.

Analysis: Apple’s environmental progress is ongoing

Apple has met some of the goals Steve Jobs outlined in his May 2007 letter on the company’s environmental policies. But nearly a year after the Apple CEO first published his open letter, work remains to be done on making Apple’s product offerings more environmentally friendly.

Integrating your media

Christopher Breen often talks about the wonders of wiring your home for media. In this video, he practices what he preaches by integrating his computer, audio gear, and media.

Analysts: Apple brand benefits from Idol deal

The partnership unveiled between Fox’s American Idol TV show and Apple figures to give Apple more content for its iTunes Store as well as more exposure for its music brands, analysts say.

Flash memory prices may plummet, analysts say

NAND prices will plummet in 2008 and the market will grow more slowly because of weak demand and oversupply, analysts said.