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Apple to offer big Black Friday discounts?

According to rumors on the Internet, Apple might be getting ready to offer some steep discounts on Black Friday that could save you hundreds of dollars on iPods, Mac computers, and Apple software.

Fifth-generation iPod nano gets a firmware fix

iPod nano 1.0.2, released Friday, features several bug fixes for the latest generation of miniature MP3 players introduced in September.

Report: Apple pitching TV subscription service to networks

According to reports, Apple is flogging a $30 per month television service to content providers—but will the networks bite?

The iPod turns eight years old

Apple announced the iPod on October 23rd, 2001. On this, its eight birthday, we take a look back at the way iPods were.

Apple acknowledges iPod nano overheating in support doc

Apple has published a support document acknowledging that in very rare cases, specific iPod nano batteries could overheat.

Newton veteran returns to Apple... to market rumored tablet?

Michael Tchao, one of the leading proponents of the Newton, is back to work at Apple, according to the New York Times.

EU may force Apple to turn the music down

MP3 players and music enabled mobile phones may face a crackdown under new health and safety EU laws with volume levels capped.

Up close with the new iPod nano

Macworld senior editor Chris Breen takes a close look at the features of the new iPod nano.

Want Zune HD games? Prepare to watch ads

Microsoft has released a handful of free games for its new Zune HD, but users will have to watch either a static or video advertisement while the game starts up.

New iPod nano and iPod touch disassembled

The fifth-generation iPod nano and third-generation iPod touch get the full dissection treatment from iFixit.

Zune HD: No iPod killer

Does Microsoft really think it can outdo Apple and its fleet of iPods with the Zune HD? Get serious, PC World's Daniel Ionescu says.

First Look: Microsoft Zune HD

PC World's Ginny Mies takes a first look at the Zune HD, which began shipping Tuesday.

iPods still reign supreme, but competition closes in

The iPod has been synonymous with MP3 players since the very first generation launched. While Apple continues to improve the iPod, the competition is getting stronger, PC World's Ginny Mies reports.