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Remains of the Day: Bon appetit

We start off the week with an amuse-bouche of an iPhone rumor, followed by a few light helpings of iTunes in the Cloud. Finally, for dessert, half a dozen assorted flavors of Kindle Fire.

Stream TV ties Apple's iPad, iPhone to glasses-free 3D TVs

Stream TV Networks, which develops glasses-free 3D technology for TV sets, said iPad, iPhone and Apple TV users will be able to beam movie or application images to upcoming glasses-free 3D TV sets based on the company’s autostereoscopic technology.

TechHive: HDTV terms explained

Shopping for an HDTV can be baffling. LED or plasma? 120Hz or 240Hz? HDTV specs are as numerous as they are confusing, but here’s what a few of the most-common terms mean.

Panasonic: TVs must become interactive portals to survive

Televisions must evolve to become fully interactive and connected to online services in order to keep their position at the center of the home, a Panasonic executive said at the Comdex trade show on Tuesday.

New TiVo Stream to deliver shows to iOS devices

TiVo on Monday announced TiVo Stream, which will allow TiVo user to stream content to iOS devices.

TechHive: Comcast suspends data cap, searches for alternative

Comcast is suspending its 250 GB per month data cap while it searches for a better way to manage its network usage.

Senator questions whether Comcast is following NBC merger conditions

A U.S. senator has urged the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to investigate whether Comcast is violating merger conditions.

TechHive: Multi-Dimensional Audio could be the future of sound

SRS Labs' Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) has the possibility to change how we think about sound.

TechHive: Now Streaming on Netflix

Over on TechHive, film critic Jeffrey M. Anderson alerts you to what movies are new to streaming, what you might want to watch before it disappears, and other cinema treasures that are worth checking out.

Introducing the TechHive Beta Blog

Jason Snell explains what's up with the new TechHive blog, from the people who bring you Macworld and PCWorld.

Apple TV finds a home in the meeting room

How one company is taking a tool ostensibly designed for consumers--the Apple TV--and turning it into a useful business tool.

Apple TV talk

We turn our attention to the other piece of hardware Apple released in March -- the new Apple TV, with its updated interface and support for 1080p video.

Apple TV arriving a day early

If you ordered an Apple TV and expected to see it tomorrow, the FedEx fairly has a treat for you.