Don't-Miss Input device Stories

xGestures updated for Snow Leopard

xGestures is a program that allows mouse movements to trigger menu items, keystrokes, and AppleScripts; it's recently been updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Apple releases Magic Mouse software updates for Leopard, Snow Leopard

Apple on Tuesday released software updates for Leopard and Snow Leopard to support the new Magic Mouse.

iFixit tears down the Magic Mouse

Apple’s new touchy Magic Mouse bares all at the hands of the iFixit crew, who once again work their dastardly destruction.

First Look: Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse has a creative new design that, upon first impression, you’ll either love of hate.

New iMacs and more

In this week’s special-edition episode we look at the “two” in the week’s one-two punch—Monday’s spectacular quarterly earnings and today’s raft of new Apple hardware.

Apple unveils multi-touch Magic Mouse

Apple's replaced its existing Mighty Mouse pointing device with the new Magic Mouse, which foregoes the rollerball in favor of a multi-touch surface.

Must-have apps for iPhone photographers

Lo-fi iPhone phone photography is gaining respect as a legitimate art form. Make your shots gallery-worthy with these apps.

'Mighty Mouse' trademark awarded, but not to CBS or Apple

Another company has been awarded rights to the name "Mighty Mouse," which may leave Apple in want of a new moniker.

Wacom releases new Bamboo tablet line

Wacom's new line of tablets sports a streamlined design and multi-touch gestures, and eliminates the mouse.

Smart Notebook SE debuts for Mac

Smart Notebook Student Edition (SE) ties in with Smart Technologies' Smart Board interactive whiteboard technology.

Apple releases Bluetooth, hard drive firmware updates

On Wednesday, Apple released updates for users of its wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as for recent MacBook Pro owners.

Logitech's new mice like shiny objects

Logitech has introduced a new line of mice that work on glass and other glossy surfaces.

Apple keyboard firmware vulnerability demonstrated

A presenter at last week's Black Hat security conference demonstrated a method by which a keylogging program could be inserted in Apple's keyboard firmware.