Don't-Miss Input device Stories

'Mighty Mouse' trademark awarded, but not to CBS or Apple

Another company has been awarded rights to the name "Mighty Mouse," which may leave Apple in want of a new moniker.

Wacom releases new Bamboo tablet line

Wacom's new line of tablets sports a streamlined design and multi-touch gestures, and eliminates the mouse.

Smart Notebook SE debuts for Mac

Smart Notebook Student Edition (SE) ties in with Smart Technologies' Smart Board interactive whiteboard technology.

Apple releases Bluetooth, hard drive firmware updates

On Wednesday, Apple released updates for users of its wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as for recent MacBook Pro owners.

Logitech's new mice like shiny objects

Logitech has introduced a new line of mice that work on glass and other glossy surfaces.

Apple keyboard firmware vulnerability demonstrated

A presenter at last week's Black Hat security conference demonstrated a method by which a keylogging program could be inserted in Apple's keyboard firmware.

Handwriting recognition service for Mac comes to Pulse Smartpen

Livescribe and Vision Objects have teamed up to provide a Mac-friendly handwriting-to-text transcription service for the Pulse Smartpen, a computerized pen that captures audio and links it to handwritten notes.

Macally intros wireless input devices and eco-friendly laptop stands

Macally has announced a line of new Mac accessories that include Bluetooth and RF wireless input devices as well as "eco-conscious" bamboo notebook stands.

Belkin rolls out new Comfort Mice, including Bluetooth model

Belkin has introduced three new mice, including a new Bluetooth model.

Mac News Briefs: Pointer loop offers in-air control of Macs

The in-air mouse from Hillcrest Labs is targeted at users who connect their Mac or PC to a television set. Also, Shion home-automation software and the MAPublisher plug-in suite for Illustrator saw updates Monday.

KB Covers foregoes covers, intros actual keyboards

KB Covers has introduced a line of application-specific keyboards that put commonly used keyboard shortcuts right on the keys.

Mac News Briefs: Finale 2010 coming soon

The latest version of the music notation software was announced Thursday. Also making news were new input devices from Verbatim and a new version of ADmitMac from Thursby Software.

Mac News Briefs: Berbie Software releases Trail Runner 2.0

Trail Runner 2.0 adds a new routing server and an rewritten route editor. Also, 1Password improves its Wi-Fi syncing and LaCie releases two new USB hubs.

Mimio Studio 6 for Mac adds multimedia support

Mimio Studio 6, the software that drives the Mimio interactive whiteboard system, is coming to Mac this June.

Wacom introduces Intuos4 tablet

Wacom unveiled the Intuos4 pen tablet on Wednesday, with greatly improved pen sensitivity.