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Mac News Briefs: Berbie Software releases Trail Runner 2.0

Trail Runner 2.0 adds a new routing server and an rewritten route editor. Also, 1Password improves its Wi-Fi syncing and LaCie releases two new USB hubs.

Mimio Studio 6 for Mac adds multimedia support

Mimio Studio 6, the software that drives the Mimio interactive whiteboard system, is coming to Mac this June.

Wacom introduces Intuos4 tablet

Wacom unveiled the Intuos4 pen tablet on Wednesday, with greatly improved pen sensitivity.

iPhone keyboard hack uses extreme geekery for heroic means

Engineers at Perceptive Development have devised a method to connect an infrared keyboard to an iPhone using a 1200 baud modem that connects to the iPhone via the headphone port.

Summary: Desktop overhaul leads busy day of Apple releases

Apple made some long-awaited changes to its desktop line, with updates to the Mac Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models. Get a summary of those changes, along with the latest news on Apple’s updated MacBook Pro, Time Capsule, and AirPort Extreme offerings.

New wired keyboard—sans numeric keypad—ships with iMac

A third version of the Apple wired keyboard does away with the numeric keypad in favor of a more compact design.

New Bluetooth standards to bring speed, energy efficiency

If all goes according to plan, Bluetooth could soon help you monitor your heart rate.

Universal chargers to finally become a reality

An GSMA-led group plans to ensure a universal charger for mobile phones based on the Micro-USB interface will be widely used...

Keys any way you like it

The Ergodex DX-1, a free-form keyboard thingy, gets Mac software support.

HOBO data logger software available as trial version

Onset Computer's HOBOware Pro software is now available in downloadable trial version.

The Mac at 25: Interface design

Ever since Apple introduced the world to the mouse and the window-based graphical user interface in 1984, the company has worked tirelessly to develop a more efficient, yet more powerful, user experience. Rik Myslewski combs through recent Apple patent filings to look at ways interacting with your Mac could change in the future.

Expo Notes: Walking the storage beat

James Galbraith reports on some of the storage products exhibited at Macworld Expo, including new offerings from Verbatim and Sonnet Technologies.

Expo: Kensington rolls out mice, chargers, other accessories

The peripherals maker has around a dozen new items that it’s released in time for Macworld Expo as well as the Consumer Electronics Show.