Don't-Miss Input device Stories

iCapsule offers low-power keyboard for iPad

The $100 iCapsule is an integrated Bluetooth keyboard that snaps shut into a 2.2-pound clamshell carrying case for the iPad.

IntelliScanner unveils tiny SOHO Black barcode scanner

This new ultra-portable handheld barcode scanner from IntelliScanner can hold 6000 scans and download into a variety of popular apps including Excel and FileMaker Pro.

Expo Notes: Keyboard offers larger print for easy typing

Logickeyboard demos its large print Apple keyboard.

Expo Notes: SMK-Link shows off compact keyboard prototype

Mac users with a Mac mini-based home entertainment system may appreciate the upcoming Ultra Mini Keyboard for Mac. It's a compact input device that connects to your Mac via RF.

Macworld at CES: More standout gear

After a couple more days wandering CES, we stop to take another look at a few products that were especially interesting or useful.

Gear Guide: For Mac users

If you're shopping for anyone who owns a Mac this season, we've got 10 suggestions for great gear you should check out.

Remains of the Day: For shame

There's no need to be embarrassed about a venerable product reaching the end of its natural life. Then again, if your brand new product is maybe a little too strong for its own good, that might make you think twice. Plus, a pro tip: when it's the kind of problem that happens to everybody, don't deny that it ever happens to you.

Mac of the future: the connections

How will we connect peripherals to our Macs, and our Macs to the Net, two years from now? Glenn Fleishman looks at USB, FireWire, WiFi, and beyond.

Tron Gaming Mouse brings the Grid to your desk

Tron: Legacy, Disney's upcoming movie sequel to the 1982 original, will arrive in cinemas next month, and to celebrate, computer peripheral maker Razer has...

Holiday wish list: Dan Moren

Senior Associate Editor Dan Moren is a man of eclectic tastes. Here's what he'd love to get this year.

Jobs e-mail: No plans for USB 3.0 on Macs

Steve Jobs reportedly has no plans to add USB 3.0 connectivity to Macs any day soon according to an email from the Apple boss.

Navigator 905 mouse uses power-saving tracking technology

Genius’s new Navigator 905 mouse aims employs a Blue optical engine with high laser precision that reduces power consumption and extends battery life by up to 40%.

Apple releases 27-inch LED Display, Magic Trackpad updates

Apple released software updates for Mac OS X and Boot Camp users to support its new 27-inch Cinema Display, which went on sale last week. A bundled update for Windows users brings support for the Magic Trackpad along with support for the new display.