Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Apple releases OS X updates for new iMacs, Magic Trackpad

If you rushed out to buy a new iMac or Magic Trackpad, it's time to fire up Software Update and start downloading.

Hands on with Apple's Magic Trackpad

We just got a Magic Trackpad, and here are some initial photos and thoughts.

Apple unveils multitouch Magic Trackpad

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-rumored Magic Trackpad input device, a standalone version of the trackpad built into recent MacBook Pros.

Moshi MouseGuard protects your Magic Mouse

Moshi has released the MouseGuard, a wear-resistant, form-fitting thin film that protects the Magic Mouse from everyday wear and tear, while actually improving the tactile response of its touch-enabled surface.

Ten One showcases iPad pressure sensitivity proof of concept

On Thursday, Ten One Design posted a proof of concept video showcasing pressure sensitive drawing and handwriting on the iPad. Though the frameworks used are currently private, Ten One hopes Apple will incorporate them publicly into a future version of iOS's UIKit framework.

Kensington announces TrackballWorks Software

Kensington has announced TrackballWorks, a modern-day replacement for the company's erstwhile MouseWorks driver software for Kensington trackballs.

ITC to investigate multitouch patent complaint against Apple

The U.S. International Trade Commission will investigate Apple's multitouch products based on a complaint filed by Taiwanese company Elan.

Intel says its Light Peak optical cables may succeed USB

Intel sees its Light Peak technology for linking devices by optical cable as potentially succeeding USB 3.0.

iPad Keyboard Dock or Bluetooth keyboard?

The iPad lets you use either Apple's Keyboard Dock or a Bluetooth keyboard for extended typing sessions. Which should you choose?

The iPad and accessories: What you need to know

iPad owners and potential purchasers are surely wondering if their current iPhone and iPod accessories are compatible with Apple's latest gadget, and what new accessories they'll need. We've spent the past few days testing the iPad with every cord, cable, and plug we could get our hands on; here's what you need to know about the iPad and accessories.

iPad battery tests and application performance

Macworld Lab takes a look at the iPad's battery life and application performance.

First look: iWork for iPad

If the iPad is going to succeed as a business tool, it needs an office suite. The first suite out the gate: Apple's own iWork for iPad.

Wacom announces new Cintiq 21UX pen display

New version of Wacom's Cintiq 21UX LCD interactive pen display is targeted to professional photographers, designers, and artists.