Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Intel says its Light Peak optical cables may succeed USB

Intel sees its Light Peak technology for linking devices by optical cable as potentially succeeding USB 3.0.

iPad Keyboard Dock or Bluetooth keyboard?

The iPad lets you use either Apple's Keyboard Dock or a Bluetooth keyboard for extended typing sessions. Which should you choose?

The iPad and accessories: What you need to know

iPad owners and potential purchasers are surely wondering if their current iPhone and iPod accessories are compatible with Apple's latest gadget, and what new accessories they'll need. We've spent the past few days testing the iPad with every cord, cable, and plug we could get our hands on; here's what you need to know about the iPad and accessories.

iPad battery tests and application performance

Macworld Lab takes a look at the iPad's battery life and application performance.

First look: iWork for iPad

If the iPad is going to succeed as a business tool, it needs an office suite. The first suite out the gate: Apple's own iWork for iPad.

Wacom announces new Cintiq 21UX pen display

New version of Wacom's Cintiq 21UX LCD interactive pen display is targeted to professional photographers, designers, and artists.

Macworld 2010: Keyboard tools

Everyone wants to work faster. In this video, Jackie Dove looks at a pair of products from the show floor that can help you work more efficiently with your keyboard. We’ll look at iKeysToGo for the iPhone and KB Covers’ new OS X Shortcuts Keyboard Cover for Mac notebooks.

Macworld 2010: Ten One Design Inklet and Canson Papershow

Roman Loyola takes a look at Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show products, Ten One Design’s Inklet and Canson’s Papershow.

Papershow for Mac makes interactive presentations possible

Papershow, a tool for interactive presentations, will soon be available for the Mac. The kit includes a Bluetooth-equipped pen, a USB key for your computer, and special paper that transmits your handwriting to a screen.

Wacom announces Intuos4 Wireless pen tablet

Wacom's Intuos4 Wireless pen tablet will feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Ten One says Pogo styli will work with iPad

If you're all thumbs and the iPad's multi-touch interface is not your thing, Ten One has announced that its Pogo styluses will be compatible with Apple's latest brainchild.

Apple details first iPad accessories

Here's an early look at the accessories that Apple plans to make available for its iPad tablet.

Apple releases keyboard firmware update

Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 improves battery performance of Apple's aluminum wireless keyboard when it's used with another Bluetooth device and tackles an issue where a key might repeat unexpectedly.

Sesamouse adds more multitouch gestures to Magic Mouse

Calf Trail Software has released Sesamouse, a utility that offers more multitouch gestures for Apple's Magic Mouse, such as pinch magnification, rotation, and up and down swiping.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard is flat and curvy

Drawing upon the design aesthetic of its Arc Mouse, Microsoft at CES has unveiled the Arc Keyboard, a stylish and compact wireless keyboard.