Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Remains of the Day: Ready, set, go

Apple may be readying e-books for Latin America, Sharp may be setting up to deliver displays for a new iPhone, and piracy is going rampant all over the place.

Days of Wonder expands iOS land grab with Asia map pack

Days of Wonder has rolled out its first digital map pack for Ticket to Ride in almost seven years. Dan Moren sits down with CEO Eric Hautemont to discuss the company's digital strategy.

New iPad app Projectbook merges note-taker with task manager

Launched on the App Store Wednesday, Projectbook lets you take notes and turn the information stored in the app into to-dos and tasks. The new release works on the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad but Mac and iPhone versions are in the works.

Remains of the Day: Something to talk about

Samsung gets a talking to from the bench, almost two-thirds of the App Store's software might be silent (but not deadly), and there's more chatter about a new iPhone dock-connector port.

Amazon Instant Video now available on iPad

The Amazon Instant Video app for iPad launched Wednesday morning; it provides a hybrid experience of a service like Netflix and the iPad’s native iTunes video store.

HipGeo adds video support to iOS travel journal app

An update Tuesday to the HipGeo travel journal app adds the ability to record and upload geo-aware videos of your travels. Philip Michaels takes the updated app out for a test drive.

Remains of the Day: Bad dates

Apple may be putting all of its eggs in one special event basket, while Microsoft announces a product release date with help from the federal government. And Jonathan Ive explains that money doesn't make Apple go 'round.

TechHive: The free iPhone photo apps you should get

Over at TechHive, Tim Moynihan picks the free iPhone photo apps that can enhance your picture-snapping experience.

Taiwanese university claims Apple's Siri infringes its patents

A Taiwanese university has sued Apple for alleged patent infringement in its Siri voice assistant, in retaliation for patent disputes brought against Taiwanese firms by foreign rivals.

The Week in iOS Apps: The hands of fate

This week’s roundup of iOS apps includes new takes on a bad old movie, a plan to get you in shape, and the latest trend in weather.

Remains of the Day: Coming attractions

Facebook comes up with the perfect people to fix its iOS app and Steve Jobs comes in as one of the most influential Americans ever.

Kwaga acquires notification app Boxcar

Boxcar -- rumored as dead in the water mere weeks ago -- on Thursday announced it had been acquired by Kwaga.

Remains of the Day: Once bitten

Some Lion users get bitten by a bug with the Mountain Lion update process, Apple products are hallmarks of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and you may soon be able to actually listen to Podcasts on your iOS device.