Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Up close with iOS 6

We get up close and personal with iOS 6 in this episode of the Macworld podcast, as Dan Moren and Lex Friedman talk about the highs and lows of Apple's forthcoming iOS update.

Facing competition, Dropbox Pro increases storage options

Dropbox on Tuesday announced it was increasing the amount of storage available to Dropbox Pro subscribers, but without increasing subscription fees: Users of the $10-a-month 50 GB storage plan will now have 100 GB available at the same cost.

NeatCloud offers iOS-accessible cloud storage

Digital filing company Neat on Tuesday unveiled NeatCloud, a business-focused storage service that includes an app for iPhone and iPad.

TED Books brings popular lectures to iOS

TED Books hit the App Store last week, an app that promises to unleash a new idea-driven book to users every two weeks. The app is free to download, but there is a subscription fee for the books.

How the iPad helps scientists do their jobs

The tablet is helping scientists do everything from recording research results and keeping up with the latest journals to photographing fish and monitoring rising sea levels.

Weekly Wrap: Haiku edition

Lots of reviews, how-to advice, and the latest Apple news from the past week -- all presented in haiku form.

The Week in iOS Apps: Cthulhu Saves The World

Yes, we know that the Independence Day holiday came and went a few days ago. But it's never easy to get back into the full swing of things, work-wise, is it? So this week's roundup is dedicated to fun.

Apple server bug leads to corrupted App Store downloads

An bug on Apple's end caused app users to see freshly-downloaded apps crashing on launch.

Spotlight on Podcasts and Chrome for iOS

Apple and Google have made headlines in the last week with their mobile releases. We take a closer look at the Podcasts and Chrome apps for iOS.

Navigon upgrades apps for summer travel

With an eye on the burgeoning summer travel season, Navigon on Tuesday updated its road-navigation apps with new features to help travelers reach their destinations and keep close tabs on their driving habits.

Weekly Wrap: MacBook Air tests, tons of reviews, and five years of iPhone

This week, Macworld offered some advice, a slew of reviews, and a look back at five years of iPhone.

The Week in iOS Apps: Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

This week’s roundup of iOS apps offers new ways to bank, check the weather, and protect your secrets from prying eyes. There's also a famous web-slinger who makes an appearance. Here are the new and updated apps that caught our eye this week.

Remains of the Day: Cereal killers

How does Apple cram so much graham into Golden Grah--er, functionality into iTunes? Can severe weather alerts on your mobile warn you of snaps, crackles, and pops (caused by lightning)? And silly Facebook, HTML5 is for kids.