Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Remains of the Day: Going the distance

In Asia, the iTunes Store is maneuvering and muscling for rank; Google+ for tablets is pouring through the turns; and one Twitter user points out that Apple is still thinking of the classic designer for whom it still burns.

LightSpeed turns iPad into a sales tool

LightSpeed for iPad was unveiled Wednesday by Xsilva Systems. It’s similar to Square Register, the iPad app that lets small merchants track inventory, ring up sales, and take credit cards for payment, but with a couple of wrinkles.

TRVL and the future of digital publishing

Jochem Wijnands, one of the founding co-publishers behind TRVL, joins us to talk about his iPad-only magazine and what the iPad has meant for digital publishing.

Hands on with Apple's Podcasts for iOS

Apple on Tuesday released a new Podcasts app for iOS devices, centralizing podcast playback, discovery, and subscription into one location.

Facebook ventures into social discovery with Find Friends Nearby

Facebook is testing a mobile-only feature, called Find Friends Nearby, that allows users to connect with new social contacts based on who is nearby and using a browser.

Google will have to defend Android at I/O conference

As Google ramps up for its big I/O conference in San Francisco this week, analysts say the company must continue to prove the value of its Android operating system to developers.

Remains of the Day: Check in before you wreck in

It's a Google-heavy day: One blog uncovers what may be the company's new tablet; a company executive says that Google Maps and iOS aren't totally splitsville; and Mac news is now de rigueur for Mountain View.

Weekly Wrap: New Mac reviews, email advice, and Surface thoughts

This week, Microsoft unveiled its potential iPad competitor, we put several new Macs to the test, and we offered some advice on no longer using email for everything.

Remains of the Day: Veni, vidi, vici

The App Stores come to more than 30 new countries, Facebook comes to a deal with a new recruit from Apple, and Acer's founder comes to terms with the new Microsoft.

The Week in iOS Apps: Music and mystery

Already this week, we’ve brought you news of the new Reading Rainbow app, praised the launch of Launch Center Pro, noted the addition of gas price searches to Waze, and offered you roundups of the best calendar and summer movie gaming apps. Here are other new and updated apps that caught our eye.

Microsoft hopes to attract more developers with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft hopes that full support for C and C++ and the ability to write apps for all Windows devices at the same time will attract more developers to Windows Phone 8.

Hands-on with Reading Rainbow for iPad

The new Reading Rainbow for iPad app, which launched Tuesday, isn’t merely an exercise in nostalgia: It wants to create a new generation of readers using videos, multimedia, and a Netflix-style subscription plan.

Waze adds gas price searches to crowd-sourced traffic app

Waze 3.2 adds the ability to find gas prices at stations in your vicinity, while also offering discounts to users of the crowd-sourced traffic app. Waze becomes the latest app maker to add fuel price searches to its mobile offering.