Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Remains of the Day: Experimental flim-flam

The rumored update to Maps in iOS 6 will apparently be so cool that it will cause you to spontaneously burst into flames. Elsewhere, Foxconn's CEO has never met a can of beans he couldn't spill, and Apple and Samsung's squabbling continues apace.

The Week in iOS Apps: Something old, something new

This week’s roundup of apps brings us big updates to some of our old favorites, as well as new ways to speak, travel, and take photos.

Facebook's Instagram buy could be delayed by FTC, report says

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has launched a probe of Facebook's proposed acquisition of Instagram that could delay the closing of the deal.

Remains of the Day: Fine, China

Apple's pouring money into factories in China, but isn't quite as thrilled to hand cash over in a settlement. Elsewhere, the iPhone demonstrates an anti-killer feature.

Facebook's App Center seeks to court mobile users

Facebook said Wednesday that it will launch an App Center where users can browse "high-quality" mobile apps that integrate with the social-networking site.

Remains of the Day: By design

Whenever Apple escapes one lawsuit, the universe launches another one. Elsewhere, the epic battle for the nano-SIM comes to a head, and HP would like you to know it invented keyboards in a hard candy shell.

Flipboard expects China downloads to surpass U.S.

Flipboard expects the daily number of downloads coming from China for its popular personalized news reading app will very soon surpass its U.S. downloads.

Weekly Wrap: Mac tips and tricks, cool new accessories, and plenty more

There are only so many hours in the day—at last count, approximately 20 or so. If you didn’t find time to read all of our articles this past week, we can help. As ever, the Weekly Wrap is here to point you towards some of our most interesting stories you might have missed.

The Week in iOS Apps: Wonderful wizardry

Eat, drink, and be Harry! This week’s roundup of iOS apps features new ways to travel, make cocktails, and play games as your favorite Hogwart’s wizard.

Mobile experts disagree on who should protect privacy

Users of mobile apps need more information about the ways those apps use their personal information, a group of experts agreed Thursday, but they didn't agree on who is most responsible for protecting user privacy.

Looking at location-based services

Mobile apps that use your location to offer services are no longer new. But are they truly useful to businesses? We look at Facebook, Foursquare, Google, and Yelp, along with some new and upcoming location apps.

Spotify comes to the iPad

Spotify is now available as a native app for the iPad, expanding from an iPhone-only offering to a universal app native to any device running iOS 5 or later. The upgrade also includes Retina graphics for both the interface and album art.

Apple updates GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and Cards apps for iOS

Apple releases updates for four popular productivity apps, which fixes some stability issues and adds new features.