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apple 2015 best apps

Cream of the crop: Here are Apple's best apps of 2015

For the first time, Apple picked the best Apple Watch and Apple TV apps, too.

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The Week in Mac Apps: OmniFocus 2.4 brings 'due soon' reminders, push sync, and more

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you better ways to organize your thoughts, edit your pictures, take notes, and keep yourself entertained.

Focus by Firefox

Surprise! Mozilla just launched a Firefox-branded ad blocker for iOS

Mozilla continued its push to provide users with privacy options for their Web browsing on Tuesday when it released a new content blocker for the iPhone and iPad.

facebook slingshot app

Facebook kills its Creative Labs, responsible for apps that failed against Snapchat

Facebook's Slingshot, Rooms and Riff are no longer available on the App Store, and the unit that created these standalone apps has shut down.

pcw dropbox primary

Dropbox to shutter Mailbox email and Carousel photo apps

Dropbox is shutting down its Mailbox email and Carousel photo apps, ending the strategy for killer cloud-enabled consumer apps.

needforspeed lead

Need for Speed: No Limits has… some limits, certainly

Slick street racing provides solid free entertainment, albeit with familiar free-to-play restrictions.

ff7 lead

Final Fantasy VII for iOS is a quirky classic of a role-playing game

One of the best-loved RPGs of all time is now on the App Store, and it's plenty weird—but still pretty wonderful.

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The Week in iOS Apps: New, updated apps offer TV everywhere

This week's roundup offers two apps—one new, one updated—that let you view TV shows and games when and where you want. Plus: Two new messaging apps. Read on!

uber spot color pickups

Uber tests color-coded ride pickups to avoid getting into the wrong car

New LED lights on Uber cars will help you find your ride after a crowded concert or event.

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The Week in iOS Apps: Game on!

This week's roundup of apps includes several different games—ranging from party fun to brain-twisting puzzlers. Read on!

revel iphone

Adobe kills off its photo-sharing service Revel

Adobe is shutting off the free tier and going all-in on the Creative Cloud Photography plan.


Uber’s Business Profiles make it easier to expense a ride

Uber's new Business Profiles let users pay with a separate credit card and generate expense reports.

instagram primary

Some third-party apps are losing access to your Instagram feed

You can still use apps to edit photos and share them to Instagram, but the company is being more selective about which apps have access.

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The Week in Mac Apps: Let Tick Task create your daily schedule, so you don't have to

In this week's roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you tools that help you organize your desktop, keep your data safe, and safely manage and share all of your photos.

google search

Google search bolsters its ability to understand more complex questions

Your queries to Google search can now use more complex phrases, superlatives, and time-specific references.