Don't-Miss iOS Stories

This Week in iOS Apps: Slam dunkin'

This week’s roundup of iOS apps offers a closer look at zombies, planets, and donuts, as well as a deeper insight into a classic movie.

Ustream preps iPhone app for live-streaming video to Facebook profiles

Facebook users will be able to broadcast live iPhone video on their Timelines using an app from Ustream.

Twitter hands down new, strict rules for third-party developers

Twitter on Thursday laid out new, significantly stricter rules for third-party developers who aim to leverage the microblogging service's API.

Instagram updates iOS app with Photo Maps, more

Instagram on Thursday unveiled an overhauled version of its popular iOS app, one that lets users see their photographs arrayed on a map of where they were taken.

TechHive: Fixing Apple's Podcasts app

Apple's Podcasts app isn't a terrible app, but it's definitely in need of some work. Christopher Breen lays out what the company can do to improve the program.

TechHive: Five free video apps for iPhone filmmakers

Senior editor Tim Moynihan rounds up five popular apps for shooting, editing, and adding effects to video on your iPhone.

Weekly Wrap: Fix Mountain Lion bugs, avoid scary hacks

Don't look now, but summer's kind of winding down. Now's the time to go outside with your laptop or iOS device, and catch up on both the sun's rays and Macworld's biggest stories from the past week.

TechHive: Burner for iOS creates disposable phone numbers

This iPhone app lets you create a temporary number you can use to place calls and send texts, just like you would with a regular phone number. Get more details at the TechHive Beta Blog.

The Week in iOS Apps: Hail, yes!

This week’s roundup of new and updated iOS apps includes ways to track the presidential campaign, a peek inside the body, a better method for hailing a taxi, and the ability to draw really awesome dragons.

Collage app Mixel will shut down in September

Mixel, the iPad app that allowed users to create and remix collages, will shut down next month. The company behind the app promises a new app, a sequel of sorts, is coming soon.

Google Voice Search coming to iOS

Google's Voice Search technology, which makes the company's Search app almost Siri-like in its intelligence, is making the leap from Android to iOS.

TechHive: Apps for stargazers and space buffs

For those who are enthralled with the Curiosity rover, or just love gazing at the summer night sky, there are plenty of iOS apps that'll encourage and inform your inner astronomer.

Starbucks invests $25 million in Square payment processor

Starbucks is investing $25 million in mobile payment venture Square, and will allow customers to use a Pay with Square smartphone application to buy coffee.