Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Report: Apple topples Google as most valuable brand

Apple has topped Google as the most valuable brand in the world, according to a study released over the weekend by brand consultancy Millward Brown.

Remains of the Day: Dance like nobody’s watching

Apple sends one of its top men to speak before Congress, jumps almost twenty spots on the Fortune 500, and strikes a deal with another major publisher--all before noon. Guess someone ate their Wheaties.

Watchdog group cites continued Foxconn abuses

A group based in Hong Kong this week issued a report alleging continued Foxconn worker abuse, and questioned some of the promises made by the contract manufacturer to live up to its code of conduct.

Macworld Pundit Showdown XI

Christopher Breen, Glenn Fleishman, Serenity Caldwell, and Lex Friedman match wits and trade barbs over everything from the iPad 2 to iOS location tracking.

Remains of the Day: Suit up

The end of one trademark fight can only mean that another is on the rise! Also, Microsoft is sucked into the location tracking ballyhoo, and really, isn't it time to start thinking about the iPhone 6?

Researcher: Apple iPhone location tracking has been no secret

A computer forensics expert says iOS data locations logs are neither new nor nefarious.

Remains of the Day: Long live the iPod classic

Steve Jobs denied the demise of the iPod classic as recently as last fall, Apple may be thinking about bringing AirPlay to a big screen near you, and an iPhone 4 succeeds where Humpty Dumpty failed.

Japanese disaster could affect Apple flash memory supply

Last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan may put a crimp in Apple's supply of flash memory, but its problem will pale in comparison to smaller firms, analysts say.

Flash, DRAM prices spike on worries over supplies from Japan

The price of NAND flash memory, which has grown in importance as the main data storage in iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices, has increased by as much as 20 percent since the earthquake struck as companies try to figure out if chip factories in the area were damaged.

AirPlay-enabled audio systems trickle out

Audio systems that take advantage of Apple's new AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream music throughout your house are slowly starting to see the light of day.

Spy cam feature among MultiCorder's new video options

The revamped MultiCorder videography app from Mirage Labs is crammed so full of features that developers are promoting it as "the Swiss Army knife of camcorders." Among those militaristic attributes: a "spy cam" setting that lets users make surreptitious recordings.

Elan denies settlement rumor, says Apple lawsuit to go on

Elan Microelectronics plans to continue its patent lawsuit against Apple over multitouch technology and said a reported $100 million settlement proposal from Apple was untrue.

Apple updates software for 6th gen iPod nano

Although iOS devices seem to get all the attention these days, it's good to know that Apple hasn't completely forgotten about the other members of the iPod family. The company has just released iPod software update version 1.1 for the 6th generation iPod nano, which adds two new features to the tiny touchscreen player.