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What to expect from Apple's iOS updates

iOS 4.1 is supposed to arrive this week, followed by the 4.2 update in November. If you've got questions about Apple's batch of iOS updates, we'll supply the answers.

The Macalope Weekly: The machine that goes Ping!

The man's keeping the Apple TV down, and this case that man isn't Steve Jobs. Nothing can defeat the iPod touch, and the Macalope's not breaking a sweat over reports of the Mac's lost market share.

Apple's latest iPods: What you need to know

Trying to keep up with all the changes to Apple's iPod lineup? We outline what's new, what's improved, and what's missing while tackling all your questions about the latest iPods.

Remains of the Day: Gimme fallout shelter

Every time there’s an Apple event, there’s fallout. Big, nasty, mutate-ants-into-monstrous-rampaging-creatures fallout. With Apple’s media shindig on Wednesday, there’s no shortage of rejoinders and responses from media executives, smartphone rivals, and even…a golf company?

Apple posts video from special event

If you missed the live stream of Apple's event where new iPods and an updated Apple TV were unveiled, you can catch up now.

Apple's new iPods, Apple TV, and more

Join Jason Snell, Chris Breen, Jon Seff, and Dan Frakes as they discuss the Apple Music Event for 2010, including new iPods and the all-new Apple TV.

A closer look at Apple's new products

A peek at the new iPod lineup, Apple TV, and upcoming iOS 4.1 and 4.2 features.

Summary: Apple kicks off fall with iPod, Apple TV overhauls

Redesigned iPods, a new Apple TV, and a major update to iTunes highlight the changes announced by Apple during Wednesday's fall music event.

iPod touch gains Retina display, dual cameras

Among the other goodies showcased at Wednesday’s special event, Apple unveiled its newest iPod touch, featuring Apple’s Retina display technology, A4 chip, and front and back cameras for FaceTime and video recording.

Inside Apple's music numbers

Apple didn't just roll out new products on Wednesday; it also touted a string of impressive statistics about its music, mobile, and retail efforts. Here are some of the highlights.

Apple releases redesigned iPod nano, shuffle

Apple on Wednesday announced new, redesigned versions of its iPod shuffle and iPod nano music players.

Live Update: Apple music event

The Macworld team has live coverage of Apple's music event as it happens on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Apple to offer live stream of Sept. 1 music event

If you've got a Mac running Snow Leopard or an iOS device, you can watch video of Apple's September 1 music event on the company's Website.