Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Foxconn plans safety nets, may raise pay after 12th suicide

Foxconn has put in place a number of plans to deal with a growing problem of suicides at its factories.

Apple launches annual Back to School promotion

It may just be the end of May, but it's never too early to plan for next fall. And so, Apple has launched its annual Back to School promotion, which lets you get a rebate on qualifying iPods when you buy a new Mac.

Walking could recharge your smartphone or MP3 player

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are researching ways to harvest energy from motions like walking or running to power consumer electronics.

Nintendo quotes stir speculation on Apple

According to a report in the Times of London, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told his senior executives that Apple is the gaming company's new rival, thanks to its iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple Financials Live Update

Jason Snell and Dan Moren provide live coverage of Apple's conference call with investors, following the company's quarterly earnings statement.

Apple sets sales, profit records for non-holiday quarter

Apple reported sales of $13.5 billion and profits of $3.07 billion during its fiscal second quarter, thanks to strong gains in Mac and iPhone sales. Both revenue and profit figures represent a company record for a non-holiday quarter.

Apple to announce quarterly earnings Tuesday

When Apple announces its sales and earnings for the fiscal second quarter on Tuesday, look for Mac sales and iPad forecasts to be a central part of the conversation.

Microsoft doubles Zune HD storage to 64GB

Microsoft has doubled the storage on its Zune HD device to 64GB.

The iPad as iPod

The iPad as iPod mostly benefits from the device's size. Sure, it's not the portable device you want to listen to on the subway, but it's a solid table top audio player and couch- or bed-based video viewer.

Former iPod chief bids Apple farewell

Former Apple Tony Fadell, who was instrumental in the creation of the iPod, formally bids farewell to Apple.

For game developers, all's fair in love and apps

It has been nearly three years since the iPhone hit the market, and slowly but surely a tried and true business plan is emerging for game development, with independent developers leading the charge.

Happening for iPhone brings nearby events to your pocket

iPhone developer Nik Fletcher has introduced Happening for iPhone and iPod touch, which promises to bring nearby events to your pocket powered by the Yahoo Upcoming service.

Hacker rigs car for iPod touch control

What if you could control your entire car from your iPod touch? Master car-hacker Dave Phipps has done just that with his rebuilt 1969 Pontiac GTO.