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Tim Cook touts Lion, Mac sales during Apple's iPhone event

Apple's focus may have been on the iPhone at its press event Tuesday. But Tim Cook kicked things off by talking about how Macs and the recent Mac OS X Lion update are generating big momentum for the company.

Apple updates iPod nano, touch models

Apple on Tuesday announced updated versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch models.

Microsoft kills the Zune

If you were still waiting to get your hands on a Zune, we have some bad news.

Apple held talks with Chinese environmental groups

Apple held talks with Chinese environmental groups earlier this month after the U.S. tech giant was criticized for using manufacturers accused of polluting the environment in China.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Now we're cookin'!

There are a number of new speaker systems in this week's roundup of iOS accessories, along with new options for charging your iPad and using it into the kitchen.

Remains of the Day: A touch of color

Is a white iPod touch in the offing? Well, seems more likely than T-Mobile getting the iPhone 5 this year. Elsewhere, robots test iPad apps, John Sculley talks Steve Jobs, and an upcoming blockbuster evokes a classic Mac icon.

Remains of the Day: Everything but the kitchen sync

Apple may be up for bringing back some of MobileMe's soon-to-be-discontinued features at a later date, if consumers barrage them with feedback. Elsewhere, a profile of Tim Cook's successor, an ultra luxury car with an Apple twist, and who made HTC the latest barometer of cool, anyway?

GameStop will take your iPhones, iPads, and iPods

GameStop has started accepting iOS devices as part of its trade-in program.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Mount up!

This week's roundup has a little bit of everything: Bluetooth keyboards, iPad mounts, even lasers.

Weekly Wrap: Steve Jobs resigns, we debate Lion, and more

We figured we'd spend the week sharing Lion tips, app reviews, and the latest Apple news. We did all that, of course, but we didn't see Steve Jobs's resignation coming. As the east coast battles severe weather, and the rest of the nation, you know, doesn't--curl up with another edition of the Weekly Wrap.

Apple's greatest hits under Steve Jobs

Apple produced a lot of products during Steve Jobs’s tenure as both co-founder and CEO. Here are some of the greatest.

Apple and Jobs -- the past, the future

Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple's CEO. Jason Snell, Andy Ihnatko, Michael Gartenberg, and Chris Breen discuss Apple's past, present, and future.

Apple turns to Tim Cook to replace Steve Jobs

Apple chief operating officier Tim Cook is taking over as CEO following Steve Jobs's resignation. Here's a crash course on what to expect from the man tasked with taking over the company.