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iCloud outage strikes discordant tone with professional musician

An unexplained iCloud mail outage hit thousands of users earlier this week; Glenn Fleishman talks with one of many affected, professional musician Roseanne Cash.

Apple's Ping to cease operation Sep. 30

Apple's Ping music social network will close its virtual doors at the end of the month, according to a message posted on the service.

Ergonis unveils PopChar X 6.0

PopChar X, a popular app that lets users select and type unusual font characters, has been updated with all-new features.

Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 vs. Kindles galore

This week, Apple announced an announcement, Amazon unveiled a Kindle armada, and we covered a virtual metric ton of Mac and iOS apps. Assuming metric tons even can be virtual, which is an open question.

Remains of the Day: That ship has sailed

Nokia's marketing is looking increasingly like, well, marketing. Elsewhere, FedEx prepares for a deluge of packages, there's no use crying over broken glass, and Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive make a dynamic duo

Firefox 15.0.1 fixes bug that exposed websites visited in private browsing mode

Mozilla released Firefox 15.0.1 on Thursday in order to fix a bug that potentially exposed the websites visited by users while in "Private Browsing" mode.

Apple plugs Java hole, shifts away from plug-in

By turning off Java by default, Apple is making customers choose whether to take the risk in using the troubled browser software

Twitter officially unveils more-restrictive API

As promised, Twitter on Wednesday released more details about version 1.1 of its API, outlining the specifics of the increasingly restricted access it will offer third-party developers to its service.

Nuance announces Dragon Dictate 3

Nuance on Wednesday announced the launch of Dragon Dictate for Mac 3, the latest generation of its much-loved voice transcription software.

Analog updated with new photo filters, Retina support, and more

Realmac Software on Wednesday updated Analog with support for Mountain Lion and Retina displays, new filters, and more.

Remains of the Day: Copy machine

The iPad mini's hardware may just be a copy of the iPad 2's, some say that Apple does nothing but copy-and-paste from others, and app developers now have a way to report copycats.

TechHive: Who's still not on the iTunes Store?

At one time, if you’d dominated the Billboard charts in the 1970s and lost at least one member of the band to an excessive life style, it was the fashionable thing to not find your work gathered in the iTunes Store. Many have changed their stance, but a few artists continue to hold out, making the catalogs of some artists who are on the Store incomplete. Who and what’s missing?

Tweetbot for Mac returns in beta form

A few days after pulling the Tweetbot for Mac alpha due to new Twitter API restrictions, developer Tapbots released a beta version of its Twitter client. But the new release won't let you add or reauthorize any accounts.