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Introducing Macworld's Mac Gems Superguide, second edition

Make finding inexpensive Mac software easy with this collection of OS X Lion gems from senior editor Dan Frakes.

Weekly Wrap: Tim Cook, a WWDC keynote, and a whole lot of how-to's

Tim Cook shed some light on Apple's future plans, the Mac App Store sandboxing deadline arrived, and we offered up a boatload of how-to articles during the last seven days.

Sandboxing deadline arrives: What it means for Apple, developers, and you

As of June 1, apps submitted to the Mac App Store must comply with Apple's new sandboxing requirements. That might mean significant changes to your favorite apps. Or it might mean they get pulled from the store entirely. Here's a rundown of what's happening, why it's happening, and what it means.

Chrome steals second place from Firefox in browser wars

Google's Chrome passed Mozilla's Firefox in May to become the world's second-most-popular browser.

Remains of the Day: Right here, right now

Microsoft Office for iPad may appear this fall, and a new dock-connector port might appear on iPhones and iPads some day, but you can download several of Steve Jobs's appearances right now.

The Macalope Daily: And now a word from some kooks

The EFF would like Apple to stop trapping people in "beautiful crystal prisons," because apparently the company is some sort of supervillain.

Remains of the Day: Tim of your life

The Apple TV may get a software makeover at WWDC, Apple's decided it's in the mood for Italian, and Tim Cook in living color.

The Macalope Daily: Classy

Gizmodo's "beyond the grave" shtick is beyond the pale.

Avoiding summer brain drain

Does your child forget a large hunk of what he or she learned the previous school year? Scholle Sawyer-McFarland and Roman Loyola join podcast host Chris Breen to discuss ways to retain a child's learning over the summer holidays.

Sandboxing will 'disadvantage Mac users,' say developers

The implementation of sandboxing on the Mac App Store looks set to cause a big headache for the Mac developer community, but perhaps even more importantly, it may disadvantage users.

Consumer Reports: Anti-malware freeware for Windows and Mac is effective

In what could be regarded as a controversial test of anti-malware effectiveness, the influential Consumer Reports publication in its June issue gives its main recommendation to anti-malware freeware for protecting Windows and Mac computers.

WWDC to kick off with Apple keynote

As traditional, Apple will hold a keynote to launch its Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

Opera is Facebook's best browser play

Facebook may acquire Norwegian browser maker Opera Software, developer of the Opera and Opera Mini browsers for desktops and mobile phones, according to a report by U.K.-based technology website Pocket-lint.