Don't-Miss Apps Stories

Open-source Perian project to end development

The team behind Perian, the plays-anything video component for QuickTime, will cease development for the plug-in after one final release.

Remains of the Day: Dishing it out

The MacBook Pro may be going under the knife, plenty of pubs are spooning up DigiTimes's swill, and one security firm suggests you fork over for its software.

Apple releases security update, Flashback removal tool for Leopard

Apple on Monday released a pair of security updates aimed to help folks who are still running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

Apple: MobileMe mail will still be available without iCloud

Apple recently told MobileMe customers that they will be able to continue to access and email accounts, even if they don't upgrade to iCloud.

Weekly Wrap: Let Macworld make your life a little better

Macworld wants to make your life better. To that end, then, here are a few links to stories we ran this past week that might just simplify or otherwise improve your life.

Remains of the Day: Experimental flim-flam

The rumored update to Maps in iOS 6 will apparently be so cool that it will cause you to spontaneously burst into flames. Elsewhere, Foxconn's CEO has never met a can of beans he couldn't spill, and Apple and Samsung's squabbling continues apace.

Remains of the Day: Fine, China

Apple's pouring money into factories in China, but isn't quite as thrilled to hand cash over in a settlement. Elsewhere, the iPhone demonstrates an anti-killer feature.

Adobe's security chief praises Apple for Flash-crippling move

Adobe's head of security applauds Apple's move to block outdated versions of his company's Flash Player.

Adobe brings Lightroom 4 to the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store already has quite a few photo editing and cataloging software options, but on Thursday it gained one more: Lightroom 4. The app is Adobe's first heavyweight entry in Apple's store; previously, the company sold only its simpler, more compact line of programs.

Apple releases OS X 10.7.4, Safari 5.1.7

Apple on Wednesday released several updates for its Mac software, including OS X 10.7.4, Safari 5.1.7, and Security Updated 2012-002.

Google files for new trial on copyright claims in Android suit

Google is seeking a new trial on copyright claims in Oracle's intellectual-property lawsuit against it over the Android mobile OS.

Microsoft pitches SkyDrive over iCloud to Mac Office users

Microsoft is pitching its SkyDrive online storage service to Office for Mac users, saying Apple's iCloud offering is "not enough."

Security error in OS X 10.7.3 exposes passwords for legacy FileVault users

A security error in OS X 10.7.3 exposes passwords on systems with support for the pre-Lion FileVault home-directory encryption feature.