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Google building stronger Flash sandbox in Chrome

Google says it had wrapped up work on a stronger Flash sandbox in the Windows version of Chrome, and would soon ship the same for its OS X browser.

Honan hacked!

Macworld's Lex Friedman and Dan Moren are joined by Wired's Mat Honan to discuss how Honan's Apple, Amazon, Google, and Twitter accounts were hacked.

Apple temporarily suspends phone password resets

Apple has temporarily suspended the ability to reset Apple ID passwords over the phone, and promises stricter identity verification when the process is available again.

Apple hit with patent lawsuit in China over FaceTime feature

The number of lawsuits against Apple in China continues to grow: A Taiwanese man has sued the company, alleging that the FaceTime feature on its iPhone and iPad infringes on one of his patents.

Weekly Wrap: Mastering Mountain Lion and plenty more

Now that you and Mountain Lion have had the chance to get to know each other a bit better, the pressure's off: No more first date jitters. We're delighted you and Mac OS X 10.8 have reached this comfortable point in your relationship, so you and the big cat can curl up together, stress-free, and catch up on some of our biggest stories from the week gone by.

Remains of the Day: Do not want

CBS doesn't want to help Apple build a business on the back of its content, a Russian carrier doesn't want to submit to Apple's autocratic demands, and Mountain Lion apparently doesn't want MacBook users to get their full battery life.

EA files copyright suit against Zynga over The Sims Social

Electronic Arts has sued Zynga, developer of the popular -Ville brand of social media games, alleging that the company violated EA copyright pertaining to its Sims Social Facebook game.

TechHive: Lost Photos unearths the images buried in your emails

This new Windows and Mac app digs through your email archive and picks out all the images you ever sent or received, freeing you from the daunting task of tackling your disorderly mail archives.

Remains of the Day: Something to talk about

Samsung gets a talking to from the bench, almost two-thirds of the App Store's software might be silent (but not deadly), and there's more chatter about a new iPhone dock-connector port.

GemFest 2012

Host Chris Breen is joined by Macworld's Leah Yamshon and Dan Frakes to discuss this year's iteration of the Summer of Mac Gems.

Mountain Lion passes 3 million downloads in first four days

Apple says customers have downloaded Mountain Lion more than 3 million times in its first four days of availability.

Weekly Wrap: All of Macworld's Mountain Lion coverage

Apple released Mountain Lion. And we covered every morsel of it.

Ad network: Mountain Lion grabs 3 percent share of OS X in first 48 hours

An advertising network claims that Mountain Lion powered more than 3 percent of all Macs within two days of the OS X update's release.