Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Thunderbolt cable options open up

The number of options available for Mac users to buy Thunderbolt cables from outside Apple is growing.

Remains of the Day: Dishing it out

The MacBook Pro may be going under the knife, plenty of pubs are spooning up DigiTimes's swill, and one security firm suggests you fork over for its software.

Remains of the Day: By design

Whenever Apple escapes one lawsuit, the universe launches another one. Elsewhere, the epic battle for the nano-SIM comes to a head, and HP would like you to know it invented keyboards in a hard candy shell.

Where did I come from? The origin(s) of my MacBook Pro

I remember when I bought my first new Mac. The label on the box read something like "Assembled for Apple in California." But the parts within were rarely from the U.S. Where do they now originate?

Intel releases Ivy Bridge: New Mac models coming soon?

Intel on Monday unveiled the Ivy Bridge processor family, the third generation in the company’s line of Core processors. Does that mean new Macs are around the corner?

Apple sued in California over touch patent

Apple products using touch technology infringe on a patent owned by the Pennsylvanian company FlatWorld Interactives, the company alleged in court documents filed on Friday.

Remains of the Day: See you, raise you

Soon, you may not be able to see the pixels on your MacBook display--but you may see iPads all over Dutch schools. And it'll probably be a while before you see Apple's stock trading that low again.

Italian court upholds Apple fine for unnecessary warranties

A Rome court has upheld a $1.2 million fine imposed on Apple last December by Italy's Antitrust Authority for circumventing consumer protection laws.

Analyst: Apple to be top mobile processor company

Apple is an iconic consumer electronics company with a string of massively successful products, but it could also become the world's largest mobile processor...

Apple issues firmware update for 2011 Mac models

Four firmware updates released Thursday promise to improve stability for every MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini introduced in 2011.

Toshiba and SanDisk shrink 128gbit memory chips

Toshiba said Thursday it has shrunk the size of its 128gbit NAND flash memory chips, in the race to bring more and tinier storage to portable devices.

Remains of the Day: Contradiction in terms

The white MacBook was still alive, but now it's dead for sure; the Air Force wants a little or a lot of iPads; and one of Steve Jobs's associates told the FBI that he was deceptive and manipulative, but that he would whole heartedly recommend him.

In UK, Apple grows PC market share while rivals stuggle

Apple sold 267,000 Macs in the UK in the final quarter of 2011, increasing its share of the PC market in that country to 9.1 percent.