Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Remains of the Day: Living on a Prey-er

If you need to track down a laptop-stealing varmint, well, there's a (Mac) app for that. Also, Apple doubles down on one of its stores, the iPad 2 isn't exactly photogenic, and it seems like there's a world record for everything these days.

Waiting for Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt's made its way to the new MacBook Pros and iMacs, but Jason Snell explains that nobody has actually been able to lay hands on a single Thunderbolt device yet.

Analysts: ARM not ready for Apple's MacBooks

Apple's possible move from Intel x86 chips to ARM processors for its MacBooks is feasible, but not practical over the next few years because of technical and performance issues, according to analysts.

OWC offers 480GB solid state drive for 2010 MacBook Air

Other World Computing now offers a pricey but powerful 480GB solid state drive upgrade for the 2010 MacBook Airs.

Apple's iMac, MacBook Pro lines are SSD friendly

Like the MacBook Pro before it, Apple's latest iMac line-up is optimized to squeeze more performance from solid-state drives.

MacBook Pros, new iMacs get slew of software updates

Apple on Wednesday released a quartet of software updates for the latest iMacs and MacBook Pros.

New iMacs support Target Display Mode via Thunderbolt

According to Apple, the new Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs do in fact support Target Display Mode, allowing you to use them as an external monitor. However, there's a catch: It only works with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs.

Canalys: With iPad's help, Apple is No. 4 PC maker in Q1

Research firm Canalys on Thursday said Apple was the world's fourth-largest PC maker during the first quarter, after adding the computer maker's iPad in worldwide PC shipments.

Remains of the Day: In a flash

Is Apple making some under-the-hood changes to the MacBook Air? And, if the iPad is now available at more stores, how come people are still lining up? Finally, while the iPad may be good for me and good for you, is it really good for America?

OS X update and the MacBook Air's 3D graphics performance

Macworld Lab stumbled across a problem introduced by an OS X update on the mid-2010 MacBook Airs. While it may be a minor issue affecting a small number of users, we decided to share our findings.

Intel to open up Thunderbolt development this quarter

Intel says developer kits for Thunderbolt will be available this quarter, which could lead to the quick availability of a wider range of products based on the interconnect technology.

Sonnet announces Thunderbolt storage lineup

More than a month after Apple's unveiling of Thunderbolt, a growing number of peripheral manufacturers are joining the market to utilize the feature. Sonnet Technologies joined the effort Monday, announcing a new line of products that utilize the technology.

Official: UK government 'should use more Apple products'

The British government should use more Apple products, the former head of Tony Blair's e-Government Unit has said.

Software update fixes MacBook Air-iTunes issue

A software update from Apple fixes a problem where iTunes would crash on 13-inch MacBook Airs from 2010 that were running the recent Mac OS X 10.6.7 update.

Remains of the Day: We the people

The iPad joins the political process, Microsoft kicks its own legacy product to the curb, and the iPhone 5 of tomorrow may resemble the iPhone of yesteryear.