Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

MacBook Air flash storage torture tests

Macworld Lab performed torture tests on the flash storage in the MacBook Air, as well as on the SSD option for the iMac. Are these flash-based storage device susceptible to performance degradation over time?

Apple releases MacBook Air EFI firmware update 2.0

A small update for Apple's new 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air addresses problems with booting and unresponsiveness.

MacBook Air (11-inch) bags and sleeves

Check out the latest in bags and sleeves for Apple's smallest laptop.

Mobile and more with Michael Gartenberg

Jason Snell and Michael Gartenberg discuss Apple, Google, and the rest of the year that was in mobile tech.

Remains of the Day: Leftovers

The turkey and stuffing may be gone, but there's still plenty of leftovers in the tech world. Help yourself to the latest missive from Steve Jobs, another case of Apple laying the smack down, and some wishful photoshopping by Verizon.

Consumers vote Mac for laptop buying plans

More than a third of American consumers planning to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days will buy from Apple, a market research company said this week.

Holiday wish list: Dan Miller

Executive Editor Dan Miller would love to upgrade pretty much everything. Here's what's on his wish-list this year.

Mac buying guide: Which Mac is right for you?

Six Macworld editors and contributors talk about why they chose the Mac they use every day. Each person has their own unique set of daily tasks that may be similar to what you do.

Apple accelerates launch of new products in China

Apple is about to launch the MacBook Air in China, just a month after its U.S. launch.

Remains of the Day: PC and Mac together again... sort of

Microsoft takes a shot at an ad featuring PC and Mac--with a twist. Meanwhile, they say only the good die young--but what dies young and then claws its way back to the living? And if the Saw films aren't your cup of tea, you might want to avoid these pictures of tortured Apple products.

MacBook Air tops Consumer Reports ratings

Apple's new MacBook Air models have topped the Consumer Reports ratings for 11- and 13-inch laptops, joining their 15- and 17-inch Apple brethren in dominating the CR charts.

Holiday wish list: Roman Loyola

Macworld senior editor Roman Loyola hopes to get some gear that'll help him with his creative pursuits. And when he needs some inspiration, he'll kick back with the Zerg and Protoss.

Some MacBook Airs exhibiting screen issues

Over the last few days, news has been circulating about a video issue affecting the new 11-inch MacBook Air and one Macworld editor has experienced the problem first-hand.