Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Inoperable Apple I to be auctioned October 9

Christie's on Tuesday said it will auction off an Apple I computer from the company's first batch, and predicted the machine will sell for as much as $126,000 when it hits the block in October.

Remains of the Day: No money down

The issues with the Apple Store may go all the way to the top, the next iPhone probably won't drop cash for you, and you've never seen anything like Samsung's latest innovation.

Remains of the Day: Mini me

The small iPad may have a cute--but obvious--name, Samsung is not thrilled with the court verdict, and Apple's ready to go Swedish.

Apple's Federighi, Riccio join company's executive team

Apple has promoted vice presidents Craig Federighi and Dan Riccio, who will also join the company's executive management team.

Remains of the Day: Live long and prosper

The latest update to Mountain Lion may restore some MacBooks' battery life, but the OS can also stop certain applications in their tracks. Meanwhile, Facebook's iOS app gets a new lease on life, thanks to the injection of some native code

TechHive: The Power Mac G4 coffee table

The classy coffee table gives old Power Mac G4s a new lease on life.

Labor group: Foxconn making progress with factory conditions

Foxconn, a major supplier to Apple as well as other tech companies, has been steadily improving the working conditions at three of its Chinese factories following a February audit, according to the Fair Labor Association.

Macworld Pundit Showdown XVIII

In between Mountain Lion and iOS 6 releases, we gather the brightest minds in the tech world and quiz them on all the biggest headlines.

How police tracked down Steve Jobs's stolen iPads

The digital breadcrumbs left behind when people use Internet-connected gadgets are what led California investigators to recover iMacs, iPads and other items stolen from the home of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs this week.

Ins and outs of upgrading your iMac

What happens if you upgrade an older iMac with an SSD and more RAM? You might be surprised at the performance results. Macworld Lab has a report.

Apple, Facebook put Prineville on the map

Apple and Facebook this week each filed plans to expand data center operations in Prineville, Ore., a little community that's on its way to becoming one of largest data center locations in the U.S.

Remains of the Day: Straight ahead

The mini iPad is on the straight and narrow, Apple and Samsung try to straighten things out, and the man who broke into Steve Jobs's house may go straight after his arrest.

New Sim City comes to the Mac in February

Sim City, the latest iteration in the popular franchise from Electronic Arts, will make its debut on Macs in February--the same time the game arrives on PC.