Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Sotheby's to auction rare working Apple-1 computer

Sotheby's will put some Apple history on the block next month, including one of only six working Apple-1 personal computers.

Remains of the Day: What's Cookin'?

Tim Cook's in the kitchen, whipping up some tasty Apple turnover; Yahoo bakes its keys right into its latest product; and a Rogue Amoeba iPhone app apparently isn't to Apple's taste.

Looking forward to WWDC

On this week's Macworld Podcast, senior editor Dan Moren and staff writer Lex Friedman discuss what to expect at WWDC with developer guests.

Remains of the Day: Won't you be our neighbor?

Apple's started making trouble in the neighborhood, Foxconn's growing a new plant, and Samsung and Apple's CEOs prepare to get litigious.

Weekly Wrap: Hotkeygate, iOS 6, and a slew of reviews

Once a week, we catch you up on Macworld's biggest stories from the past week, in case you missed them. This week, we ruminated on the futures of iOS and OS X, covered Hotkeysgate, and offered a slew of reviews.

Remains of the Day: Walk the walk, talk the talk

Environmental activists want Apple to clean up its cloud act, Cupertino wants to silence Siri complainers, and a noted screenwriter gets ready to put words in Steve Jobs's mouth.

Remains of the Day: Crazy like a Foxconn

Foxconn's CEO didn't say what you think he said, the Supremes shut down Psystar, and more states pile on Apple in the ebook price-fixing case.

iSuppli: iPad way ahead of the pack

After a brief dip in late 2011, the Apple iPad has firmly reasserted its position as the dominant player in the tablet market.

Remains of the Day: Dishing it out

The MacBook Pro may be going under the knife, plenty of pubs are spooning up DigiTimes's swill, and one security firm suggests you fork over for its software.

Weekly Wrap: Let Macworld make your life a little better

Macworld wants to make your life better. To that end, then, here are a few links to stories we ran this past week that might just simplify or otherwise improve your life.

Remains of the Day: Experimental flim-flam

The rumored update to Maps in iOS 6 will apparently be so cool that it will cause you to spontaneously burst into flames. Elsewhere, Foxconn's CEO has never met a can of beans he couldn't spill, and Apple and Samsung's squabbling continues apace.

Remains of the Day: By design

Whenever Apple escapes one lawsuit, the universe launches another one. Elsewhere, the epic battle for the nano-SIM comes to a head, and HP would like you to know it invented keyboards in a hard candy shell.

The Macalope returns

We’ve reached podcast number 300. To mark this special occasion we’ve invited everyone’s favorite genetic abomination, The Macalope, to offer his unique view of today’s world of technology.