Don't-Miss iPhone/iPad Stories

Starbucks to support Passbook in iOS 6 by end of September

Starbucks said Friday it will update Passbook in iOS 6 at the end of September, presumably meaning it will integrate its existing Starbucks digital payment card into the new mobile app from Apple.

Google, Apple face patent suit over early wireless data technology

Apple and Google have both been sued for patent infringement by Unwired Planet, a company that holds many early patents for mobile and cloud computing.


Hands on with iOS 6: Settings

Many changes in iOS 6 are squirreled away in the Settings app--if, like most users, you don’t delve into Settings, you’ll miss some great new features. Here’s a look at the changes to this important-but-overlooked app.

iPhone 4S exploited in Mobile Pwn2Own hacking contest in Amsterdam

Dutch security researchers hacked an iPhone 4S on Wednesday, showing how a malicious webpage can send all pictures, address book data and browsing history on the phone to a server of the attacker's choice.

Apple releases iOS 6

As promised, Apple on Wednesday released iOS 6, the newest version of its operating system for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Groups to file net neutrality complaint against AT&T over FaceTime

Advocacy groups plan to file a complaint against AT&T, alleging violating the U.S. FCC's net neutrality rules.

iPhone owners wait for what's in the cards with Passbook

Apple has offered few specifics on what to expect from Passbook. But with iOS 6's launch looming this week, expectations are high for Apple's take on the digital wallet.

The iPhone 5: What you need to know

There's a new iPhone coming to an Apple Store near you. What's different about the iPhone 5? What are its marquee features? And most important: When can you get one? We answer all those questions and more in this guide to the latest smartphone out of Cupertino.

Summary: iPhone 5 highlights Apple product unveilings

The iPhone 5 made its debut Wednesday, as expected. But it wasn't the only hardware and software Apple showed off at a San Francisco press event.

Copying content to Android devices from a Mac

Of course we'd all love an iPad, but if you can stand a smaller form factor and aren't allergic to Android, bargains such as Google's Nexus 7 are available. But how to transfer your media to such a thing? Chris Breen reveals all.