Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

Pioneer introduces receivers with iPod/iPhone integration

Pioneer Electronics has announced a new line of A/V receivers designed to integrate the iPod and iPhone into the user's home theater system.

CES expands size of iPod, iPhone showcase at 2010 event

Organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show announced plans to expand the pavilion where iPod and iPhone developers can show off their wares.

Crabble: the iPhone, iPod touch stand that fits in a wallet

Seskimo's clever Crabble stand is compact enough to fit in a wallet, but a new redesign makes it much more stable and versatile for watching video on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Charge it on your AirEx

Appleā€™s AirPort Express never ceases to make itself useful to road warriors.

Belkin iPod/iPhone charger hides in your dashboard

Belkin's new Micro Auto Charger nearly disappears inside your car's accessory outlet. The company has also announced a charger that can charge two devices simutaneously.

SwitchEasy imitates chocolatiers with ChocoShuffle

SwitchEasy's ChocoShuffle is an iPod shuffle case that looks like a chunk of chocolate bar.

CableJive lightens your cable load with iStubz

CableJive's iStubz is a compact dock-connector cable that takes up less space on your desk or in your travel bag.

ReCoil takes the clutter out of in-car iPod and iPhone charging

Scosche's ReCoil car charger for iPods and iPhones features a retractable cable.

Mophie squeezes out JuicePack for 2G iPod touch

Mophie has announced a new JuicePack battery for the second-generation iPod touch

Spalding iHoop mixes basketball and music

Spalding's iHoop is a basketball hoop with a built-in iPod audio system.

Switcheasy announces thumbtack-size iPod mic

The Thumbtacks is a thumbtack-sized and -shaped microphone for the iPod nano and iPod touch.

SiK introduces iPod and iPhone auto charger with audio output

The unfortunately-named Pimp charges your iPod or iPhone while providing a line-level audio output for connecting to your car stereo.

Dexim announces iPod shuffle sync adapter

Dexim's Shu-Lip turns your third-generation iPod shuffle into a thumb drive.