Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

Tiny iPod microphone is almost microscopic

If you're looking for a truly tiny microphone for your iPod, you're in luck: they don't get much smaller than this.

Device helps newer iPhones, iPods work with old docks

The Passport Home Dock helps second-gen iPod touches, iPhone 3Gs and fourth-gen iPod nanos to work with older docks that don't support USB 5V power.

GateWay iPod interface works with 2009 vehicles

iSimple has announced its GateWay iPod and iPhone interface works with more than 30 new 2009 vehicles.

Expo Notes: Neck and neck with the nano

Nekfit’s iPod nano accessory attaches an iPod nano to your neck, giving a weightless feel to the music player for athletic users.

CES: Ion Audio announces iCapture and Anyroom

At CES, Ion Audio introduced a recorder for the iPod, as well as wireless speakers for Apple's music player.

Expo: XtremeMac shows off Micromemo voice recorder for 4G nanos

The XtremeMac Micromemo, which connects to the 4G iPod nano through the dock, captures voice recordings with the help of flexible and detachable omnidirectional mic.

iPod and iPhone Accessories at Expo

Headphones, cases, and other add-ons are a common sight on the Macworld Expo show floor. We talk about a few noteworthy ones at this year's event.

Expo: Blue Microphone introduces Eyeball and Mikey

Blue Microphones introduces the Eyeball and Mikey to keep your Mac and iPod recording well.

Expo: Parrot by Starck

If you like designer speakers and have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket, Parrot has a system for you.

Expo: Carl Zeiss plans improvements to Cinemizer video eyewear

The new Cinemizer plus—slated for release later this year—gives users the ability to individually adjust the focus of the high-resolution LCD screens for clear viewing, even if the user wears glasses.

Expo: Sync 15 iPods to your iTunes library at once

The Parasync was build for schools and museums, but I bet Chris Breen could use one.

Expo: Bevy of Griffin accessories unveiled

Accessory maker Griffin Technology always announces a lot of new offerings at Macworld Expo, and 2009 is no exception. Here’s a trio of eye-catching products.

Expo: Navigate iPod controller and FM tuner

Griffin announces a new iPod/iPhone inline controller that doubles as an FM tuner.