Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

Expo: Tune Blocker saves you from yourself

Matias introduces Tune Blocker, a cable that lets you sync your iPod or iPhone without fear.

iLuv dual-dock alarm clock offers either port in a storm

The iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with Weather Brand Radio features docks for charging two devices at once, including any iPod with a dock connector and the iPhone 3G.

Mouse-maker Logitech to cut 525 salaried employees

Logitech said Tuesday it will cut 525 salaried employees as it expects weaker consumer demand for its computer peripherals.

Vuzix intros Wrap 920AV video glasses

Vuzix has introduced new video glasses that look like sunglasses, and they work with the iPod and iPhone.

Audioengine W2 wireless adapter debuts for iPod

Audioengine's W2 enables you to stream your music wirelessly from an iPod to a nearby stereo system.

Marantz offers Bluetooth dock for iPod

Marantz's new IS301 lets iPods communicate with home entertainment systems wirelessly, using Bluetooth.

Our favorite iPod accessories of 2008

Even with all the focus on the App Store and its software, 2008 was still a great year for iPod and iPhone accessories. Here are 11 add-ons that caught our attention in the past year.

ReviveLite scares away the iPhone killers

Need a nightlight? Need a way to charge your iPod or iPhone? The ReviveLite fulfills both needs.

Gear Guide, part two: Gear for your iPod

In the second part of our four-part Winter Gear Guide, we continue to spotlight the accessories that will help you enjoy your Apple products to the utmost. We turn our attention to nine iPod add-ons and accessories that will have your music player singing your praises.

Griffin offers iPod component, composite video cables

Griffin is offering component and composite video cables complete with USB connectors and an AC charging block, to connect your iPod to a home entertainment system.

Gear Guide, part one: Gear for your iPhone

We kick off our holiday Gear Guide with 10 accessories, add-ons, and applications sure to add shine to your iPhone.

DLO finally releases hi-def iPod video dock

11 months after it was introduced, the DLO HomeDock HD is finally available for purchase.

Alpine HD car radio offers iTunes tagging

Alpine has introduced a new accessory for receiving HD Radio signals on Alpine head units that lets you 'tag' interesting songs you hear.