Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

Kensington offers new notebook, iPhone and iPod accessories

Kensington introduced several new accessories for iPhone, iPod and notebook users that allow you to connect, charge and transfer files.

iBikeConsole helps cyclists operate iPod nano

iBikeConsole helps you listen to your iPod nano by mounting it -- with special wireless control grips -- on your bike's handlebars or stem.

Philips aims compact home theater at smaller spaces

For people who want a compact home theater Philips has launched the CimemaOne, at the IFA electronics show on Thursday.

Sonoro combines Internet and FM radio

Sonoro released a cube-shaped radio that supports both Internet and FM broadcasts, priced at about $585.

iStik nano case uses magnets to stay in place

The iStik case uses magnets, not a clip, to stay in place.

H2O Audio offers waterproof armband for iPhone 3G

H2O Audio is offering a waterproof armband that's compatible with the iPhone 3G, for athletes interested in watersports.

New iPod touch alarm clock rotates

The iH41 is a new alarm clock that rotates to let you watch iPod touch videos in a landscape orientation.

TuneCast Auto FM transmitter works with iPhone 3G

Belkin says its TuneCast Auto FM adapter for iPod is now vetted for use with the iPhone 3G, too.

Device uses car stereo satellite radio hookup for iPod

The PXAMG is a new device that enables you to connect your iPod using the satellite radio hookup found in late-model cars, to provide better quality audio than an FM transmitter.

ezGear intros mobile charger for iPhone, iPods

The PowerBullet 2x2 plugs into either a wall or car power socket and features two USB ports for charging two devices at once.

iPhone and iPod case roundup

There are new iPod and iPhone cases available from various vendors.

Belkin GoStudio turns iPod into portable recording studio

The Belkin GoStudio is a new accessory kit that turns the iPod into a portable audio recording studio.

New charger and backup battery works with iPhone, iPod

i.Sound has introduced a new 2-in-1 charger and backup battery compatible with the iPhone and iPod.