Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

SRS Labs introduces iWow 3D

SRS Labs announced the latest generation of its sound enhancement hardware for Apple portable devices this week. The iWow 3D, designed to work in conjunction with the free iWow iOS app, is a dongle that you connect to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad's 30-pin dock connector, and then plug your headphones or 1/8-inch cable into the iWow's extended line-out jack.

Apple granted solar-power patent

A patent for solar-powered, portable devices has been granted to Apple, which the company has seemingly attempted to keep as low-key as possible.

Macworld at CES: Even more cool products

Senior Editor Jonathan Seff is back from Vegas. Here are a few of the other cool products he saw during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Macworld at CES: More standout gear

After a couple more days wandering CES, we stop to take another look at a few products that were especially interesting or useful.

CES: Sennheiser, dB Logic unveil new headphones, accessories

No surprise: the International Consumer Electronics Show continues to be an Apple-loving audiophile's dream. Sennheiser and dB Logic have both announced new products.

Rock around the clock: iPod nano wristband roundup

The sixth-generation iPod nano is small enough to be used as a watch -- a point that case makers have been working to capitalize on. Here's a look at the first batch of nano wristband cases to hit the market.

CES Remainders: Power to the (Apple) people

If one thing has become clear in the early going at CES, it is that there are lots of companies competing to keep your iPhone and iPad powered up and protected.

Gear makers vie for attention from iPod, iPhone users at CES

Macworld's Dan Frakes and Jonathan Seff are in Las Vegas, keeping their eyes peeled for new gadgets and gear that appeal to iPhone and iPod users. At the show's Digital Experience press event, they found a number of speakers, headphones, and mobile accessories that deserve your attention.

CES: iHome announces iW1 AirPlay-enabled speaker

iHome's iW1 takes advantage of the connectivity offered by iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.1's AirPlay feature to let you stream music through your entire home.

CES: iHome unveils new audio systems for iPhone, iPad

Audio vendor iHome is using this week's International Consumer Electronics Show to unveil new speaker systems and radio alarm clocks that feature the iPhone and iPad at their core.

Party on with playlists and iPods

Thanks to the portable music players we carry in our pockets it’s possible to let everyone join in the musical fun. Here are some suggesting for pumping up your party.

Gifts for media lovers

Dan Frakes joins host Chris Breen to talk about holiday gifts for the media lovers in your life.

TuneLink Auto can bridge iPhone, car stereo with Bluetooth

Accessory maker New Potato Technologies has released the TuneLink Auto, an in-car audio solution for iOS devices that works using Bluetooth and an FM transmitter or auxiliary cable.