Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Verizon Wireless: 4G LTE or bust in 2012

A Verizon Wireless executive says the carrier plans a huge expansion of its 4G LTE wireless network this year.

AT&T outlines spring LTE rollout plans

AT&T isn't taking a spring break when it comes to LTE deployments, expanding to a dozen more cities over the next three months.

iPad hotspot feature will be available on Verizon, not AT&T

Verizon will support the iPad's Personal Hotspot feature at launch, while AT&T is investigating adding support for it in the future.

New iPad could cause corporate network crunch

The new Apple iPad, which sports a higher-resolution screen, a 1080p HD camera and LTE network capability, will likely entice millions of buyers—but it could bog down corporate networks and give IT managers headaches.

What LTE means for Apple's new iPad

The cellular versions of the next iPad will arrive next week with support for Long Term Evolution, the latest and greatest networking technology. Glenn Fleishman explains what tablet users can expect from LTE. Spoiler alert: It's fast.


Remains of the Day: Think for yourself

Foxconn is looking through you (or your next iPad), AT&T urges customers to run for their lives (from antiquated wireless networks), and Walter Isaacson says “you won’t see me” (revealing details of the next Apple TV).

FCC asks for comments on mobile network shutdowns for public safety

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comments on whether it's ever appropriate for law enforcement agencies to shut down mobile networks in the name of public safety.

AT&T's app developer billing scheme: Will app makers buy in?

AT&T's trial balloon of charging app developers for bandwidth their users consume might not stay in the air very long.

AT&T publishes data throttling policy

AT&T has put up a Web page explaining its contentious data throttling policy for smartphone customers on unlimited plans.

Speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi set for fast, wide rollout

Mobile carriers embracing Wi-Fi is one of the sub-themes of Mobile World Congress. And the particular flavor of Wi-Fi that's generating buzz here is 802.11ac.

Intel lays out strategic mobile roadmap

Intel wants to own the mobile processor space, and on Tuesday laid out its vision for how it will get there.

Groups ask FCC to block Verizon spectrum deals with cable providers

A coalition of advocacy groups wants the Federal Communications Commission to block Verizon Wireless from buying wireless spectrum from cable providers because it believes that two proposed deals would concentrate too much spectrum in the hands of one company.

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard could end hotspot sign-on hassles

The Wi-Fi Alliance will launch a program to simplify the use of Wi-Fi hotspots in July, making it easier for both users and mobile operators to get off strained cellular networks.