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Experts: AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile may not be dead yet

AT&T still has options after the U.S. DOJ filed a lawsuit in opposition to the company's planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

U.S. DOJ sues to block AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile

The U.S. DOJ blocks AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile with an antitrust suit filed in federal court.

Skype Wi-Fi lets iOS devices connect to a million hotspots

Skype on Wednesday rechristened Skype Access as Skype Wi-Fi and launched a new, free iOS app for the service.

Clearwire's LTE push highlights growing momentum

LTE (Long Term Evolution) has picked up steam in the last few weeks, with operators moving forward and auctions taking place, helping the technology become a global standard.

Remains of the Day: Cash on the iBarrel

Apple’s finances hit another surprising milestone, but don’t expect the company to go on a shopping spree. Plus, Apple’s devices take flight and Verizon reportedly tries its hand at bending Apple to its will. Good luck with that.

AT&T to throttle heaviest users of unlimited smartphone data, beginning Oct. 1

As part of an attempt to combat what it calls "a serious wireless spectrum crunch," AT&T announced on Friday that it will begin throttling data speeds for the heaviest users of its unlimited smartphone data plans in October.

Under the Gavel: Contains graphic content

Our round-up of legal wrangling in the tech industry returns, with a look at two Apple-related patent cases and an impassioned plea against another big merger.

Remains of the Day: War of the ruses

Acer says Apple has fired the first shot in a patent war, Verizon does a leadership switcheroo, Adobe says mea culpa about a supposed Lion bug, and Apple might be looking to enter the video streaming market.

Verizon posts revenue growth on mobile additions

Verizon Communications saw revenue rise 2.8 percent to $27.5 billion for the second quarter, largely driven by mobile subscriber additions.

Apple contributes half the cost of Nortel patents

Apple is contributing more than half the total $4.5 billion price tag for Nortel patents, with partners including Microsoft and Sony combined kicking in the rest.

Survey: Wireless networks are near capacity

Mobile networks in North America are filled to 80 percent of capacity, with 36 percent of base stations facing capacity constraints, according to a survey by investment bank Credit Suisse.

Courts OK Apple group's $4.5 billion Nortel patent buyout

U.S. and Canadian courts have approved the sale of thousands of patents from bankrupt Nortel Networks to a consortium including Apple and Microsoft for about $4.5 billion.

Verizon to drop unlimited data plans beginning July 7

Verizon has confirmed it will cease offering an unlimited data plan to new smartphone customers beginning July 7.