Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Verizon LTE storms the South and Midwest

Now that Verizon has brought its LTE network to most major markets in the United States, it has started to move its 4G services into medium-size markets in the South and Midwest.

Remains of the Day: Crazy talk

If you're going to walk the crazy walk, you'd better talk the crazy talk. Microsoft loses a valuable cloud player, Apple doesn't want to know what you're surfing on the Web, and one man makes, bakes, and takes the whole crazy cake.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 brings camera, smartphone integration

Eye-Fi released the latest version of its wireless capable network card, the Eye-Fi Mobile X2. It brings the ability to send pictures directly to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

FCC kicks off review of cell signal boosters

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission may regulate cellular signal boosters, which are designed to solve voice and data coverage gaps by picking up signals from carrier base stations and amplifying them in homes or vehicles.

Remains of the Day: The Google Supremacy

The iPad 2's hogging all the available touchscreens, AT&T and Verizon have to play nice with the little guys, and how much could a Twitter spy even say in 140 characters?

Survey: AT&T iPhone dropped call rate twice Verizon iPhone

According to the latest survey from ChangeWave Research, AT&T iPhones drop calls twice as frequently as Verizon iPhones.

Remains of the Day: Sony, yet so far

An unlikely source offers a possible hint about a future Apple device, while a venerable institution pushes back against Cupertino's subscription policy. Elsewhere, AT&T's CEO is just a little bit too cheerful--he must be up to something.

Remains of the Day: Approval seekers

Steve Jobs is back on Disney’s board and it’s like he never left. Because he didn’t. Elsewhere, Google takes a (perhaps somewhat misplaced) stand, and the FCC says it’s going to ask the hard questions, really and truly.

Remains of the Day: Long live the iPod classic

Steve Jobs denied the demise of the iPod classic as recently as last fall, Apple may be thinking about bringing AirPlay to a big screen near you, and an iPhone 4 succeeds where Humpty Dumpty failed.

Analysis: AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile could benefit iPhone users

AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile in the U.S. will likely provide better carrier support for the iPhone, as well as help spurring rollout of the next-generation wireless network.

Buffalo NAS Terastations push limits of Intel Atom

Buffalo Technology is bumping up against the limits of Intel's Atom platform with its forthcoming six- and eight-bay Terastation network attached storage.

AT&T confirms Personal Hotspot plan for iPhone

AT&T on Thursday confirmed that it will offer its Personal Hotspot pricing for iPhone users when iOS 4.3 launches next week.

QNAP network-attached storage adds USB 3.0, SATA 6GBps

Network-attached storage specialist QNAP has pre-announced an important revison to its flagship standalone NAS series.