Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Protect your privacy: secure your network

It’s all well and good to take precautions when browsing, e-mailing, or using a social network. But if you’re doing all that over an insecure network, your privacy could still be at risk.

Modems: 60 years of hooking up

In this slideshow, Benj Edwards looks at modem history, from its genesis in the 1950s to the present.

Speed, handoffs to boost Wi-Fi's mobile role

Wi-Fi looks set to play a growing role in mobile networks even as LTE and other new cellular technologies with higher capacity are deployed.

Remains of the Day: Subscription dance

Technology's pretty amazing these days, but think how much more amazing it will be when MacBooks have 3G, iOS apps have subscriptions, and AT&T admits that the Verizon iPhone is A Good Thing.

Drobo aims storage arrays at SMBs

Drobo today announced its first storage array for small- and medium-size businesses, moving upstream from its traditional consumer and small office/home...

CoverMe helps you compare cell network coverage

Wondering whether Verizon has better service than AT&T in your area? Here's a handy little utility to help you find out.

AT&T and Verizon iPhone plans compared

With the Verizon iPhone now available for pre-order, how do the official plans stack up between it and the AT&T version?

AT&T to debut mobile hotspot features on Feb. 13

AT&T announced on Wednesday that it would be bringing a mobile hotspot features to its smartphones on February 13.

Verizon releases Mac driver for 4G modem

Verizon has updated its VZAccess Manager software to bring Mac compatibility for one of its 4G modems.

Remains of the Day: Water, water everywhere

Get the skinny on the creation of Apple's legendary 1984 ad, hear a tech industry CEO rage at Steve Jobs, or watch as Microsoft drops cash like it's hot.

Personal femtocell to cut roaming costs on iPhone, Android

Femtocell maker Ubiquisys has developed a new type of small base station for 3G mobile phones that, when plugged into a PC with Internet access, would allow 3G phones to bypass international roaming charges.

Charges filed against iPad e-mail 'hackers'

A New Jersey district attorney has filed charges against two men suspected of illicitly accessing AT&T's Website to obtain more than 100,000 iPad users' e-mail addresses.

Study: Femtocells may boost more than just cellular coverage

Market research firm ABI sees a future where Femtocells will be able to improve home security, personal safety and help integrate smartphones with TVs, laptops and media players, in addition to improving cellular coverage in the home.