Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Apple and Verizon: The bumpy road to love

Like those two TV characters you've desperately wanted to get together, it seems like Verizon and Apple may finally tie the knot. Dan Moren reminisces about the ups-and-downs, the close calls, and all the obstacles along the bumpy road to love.

Macworld at CES: More standout gear

After a couple more days wandering CES, we stop to take another look at a few products that were especially interesting or useful.

Apple updates Remote Desktop, adds widget

In addition to releasing the 3.4 update to Apple Remote Desktop, Apple also introduced the Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget, which gives an at-a-glance view of remote computers on a network.

CES Remainders: Music, games, safety, and more

Apple might not be present at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, but it's casting a long shadow. There's a host of Apple-centric products on display.

Sprint extends its mobile 4G/3G MiFi options

Sprint announces another 4G/3G-capable MiFi, available February 27th, with some interesting new features.

What's in the FCC's new net neutrality rules?

The FCC's new net neutrality rules would prohibit wired broadband providers from blocking legal Web content and services.

What's next for the FCC and net neutrality?

The FCC likely faces a lawsuit and congressional action opposing its recent net neutrality vote.

FCC approves compromise net neutrality rules

On Tuesday, the FCC voted to implement compromise net neutrality rules.

Remains of the Day: Time and again

Redmond once again starts its photocopiers, while Motorola insists it's breaking the mold for tablets, and Google TV goes back to the drawing table.

Dropbox updated to 1.0, brings selective sync to masses

On Thursday evening, the company officially rolled out Dropbox version 1.0, bringing with it a whole host of improvements, including—to the joy of MacBook Air users everywhere—support for selective folder sync.

Apple updates AirPort Utility, base station firmware

Late on Thursday, Apple released an update for its AirPort Utility and a firmware update for its AirPort base stations and Time Capsules.

Mac IT Guy: password prompts

A reader wants to know: How do I remind Mac users on my network to update their Active Directory passwords? John Welch explains what's required.

The Macalope Weekly: Technology executives say the darndest things

Tech executives, like kids, sometimes say the darndest things. And when they do, the Macalope is on hand for a well-deserved goring.