Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Apple announces WWDC 2013, tickets on sale April 25

Apple has unveiled the dates for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. Tickets to the event in 2012 sold out in two hours.

Get social with OS X's Twitter integration

Senior editor Dan Moren shows you how to set up your Twitter account on OS X.

Apple keeps patching Java on OS X Snow Leopard after proposed drop-dead date

Apple Tuesday patched Java for the aged OS X Snow Leopard and tweaked Safari to give users more control over what websites they let run the vulnerability plagued Oracle software.

Apple conferences big and small

Senior editor Dan Moren and senior writer Lex Friedman discuss the preponderance of smaller, Apple-related events.

Remains of the Day: Back in a flash

One analyst contends that Apple's real business model is storage, which at least explains why it's building such a huge new headquarters. Plus, your iMessages are really way more secure than they probably need to be.

6 killer Mac features we'd love to see in Windows PCs

Even if you'd never lay a finger on a Mac, you have to admit these Apple-made features would rock on a Windows PC.


First look: Alfred 2.0 adds Workflows, customizable themes

The first version of Alfred was a launcher application with a lot of powerful capabilities: version 2.0 takes it to the new level with a brand new customization and scripting options.

Remains of the Day: Pulp fiction

Is a subscription service music to Tim Cook's ears? Will Apple set back the clock on Swatch? Will a judge tell a case not to pass go and not to collect $200?

Does Apple assign engineers to fake projects?

Does Apple really test its employees' loyalties by assigning them to phantom projects? Or is that just an urban myth? Ars Technica's Jacqui Cheng investigates.

Ask The Editors - Macworld iWorld 2013

The audience at Macworld iWorld asks the editors questions and they do their best to answer them.

Apple In 2013 - Macworld iWorld 2013 [Clip]

Apple In 2013 - Macworld iWorld 2013

Macworld/iWorld Video: A word from developers

Paul Kafasis, Guy English, and Rob Rhyne join Macworld's Dan Moren to talk software development at this year's Macworld/iWorld conference.

Quicken Essentials users can switch with iBank update

Users frustrated with Quicken Essentials now have another option: iBank. The latest version of the Mac financial software has added the ability to import files from Intuit's offering.

Apple releases OS X Server 2.2.1

An update to Apple's server add-on for Mountain Lion brings a few new features and bug fixes.

Remains of the Day: Small change

More "information"--if it can be called such--about the iPad mini's rumored Retina display, Mac OS X 10.9 may soon roar onto the scene, and Apple's shrinking yet another of its products (sort of).