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Mountain Lion video review

Join us for a video tour of Apple's latest operating system.

Mountain Lion: What's new

A quick, visual tour of the most important new features in Apple's latest operating system: OS X Mountain Lion.

Apple pulls Lion from the Mac App Store

In addition to launching Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store, Apple pulled Lion from the store. Folks who already purchased Lion can find it again, but only if they know the trick.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Messages

Messages is more than just a reskinning of iChat. Rather, Mountain Lion's new messaging client is a rethinking of the way chatting and texting should work on the Mac.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Reminders

Finally, OS X gets a to-do app of its own, in the form of Reminders. It's yet another feature that has migrated from iOS to the Mac. Is it good enough to manage your tasks? Lex Friedman checks it out.

Go in-depth with Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion is out, and Jason Snell takes us on an extensive tour of the OS X update's new features.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Security

None of us are under the delusion that the Mac is immune to malware. Apple has added a few new features--most visibly, something called Gatekeeper--designed to help us keep our Macs safe. Lex Friedman surveys Mountain Lion's security improvements.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Sharing

Borrowing another trick from iOS, OS X Mountain Lion makes sharing files, images, websites, and more easier than ever. Dan Moren takes a closer look.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Notifications

Among the many features OS X Mountain Lion borrows from iOS, Notifications and Notification Center could be one of the most familiar and the most useful. Dan Moren takes a closer look.

Up close with Mountain Lion: iCloud

While iCloud's been around for a while, it's never been so deeply integrated into OS X as it is in Mountain Lion. Serenity Caldwell takes a look at how that integration works.

Introducing Macworld's Total Mountain Lion Superguide

We at Macworld strive to provide our readers with the very best OS X coverage on release day. But for those who'd rather have the complete compilation without using Instapaper or Read It Later, we present our new Superguide, Total Mountain Lion, available on the iBookstore, Kindle Store, and as a PDF/ePub/MOBI bundle.

Mountain Lion arrives in Mac App Store

Mountain Lion is now available for download from the Mac App Store. The $20 OS X upgrade includes several new iOS-inspired features, enhanced security, and updates to many existing apps as well.

Remains of the Day: Shine on

Apple's shined up the MacBook Pro's environmental rating, one rumor site is putting its shiny dollar down on a Mountain Lion release date, and the shine is off Siri for one tech writer.

How to create read-only PDFs in OS X

Sure, it's easy to create a PDF, but can you protect what you share? In this Macworld Video, Scholle Sawyer McFarland shows how to encrypt a PDF using only OS X's built in tools.

New Java malware affects Macs running Snow Leopard and earlier

A new Java-based malware targets Macs, along with Windows and Linux computers. But if you're running Lion, you're safe.