Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Flashback malware for Mac changes infection tactic

A new variant of the password-stealing Flashback malware aimed at Apple computers has emerged, which tries to install itself after a user visits an infected itself after a user visits an infected website.

How new Mac security measures will impact AppleScript

When sandboxing and Gatekeeper become de facto Mac standards, certain behaviors of automation technologies like AppleScript and Automator will change. Here's how.

Get Siri-like functionality on your Mac with Speakable Items

Staff writer Lex Friedman walks you through using OS X's built-in functionality for handling Siri-like vocal commands.

Sandboxing and Mac apps

Macworld senior associate editor Dan Moren is joined by two developers, Many Tricks's Rob Griffiths and Red Sweater Software's Daniel Jalkut, for a frank discussion about Apple's plans for sandboxing Mac apps.

Remains of the Day: Free for all

Apple's offering free developer IDs to programmers; hackers have found a way to get free e-books from the iBookstore; and Dell is about to go PC-free.

Weekly Wrap: Apple's busy week, Mountain Lion wishes, and more

This was a significant week for Apple: It settled lawsuits, met with shareholders, and bought a company. Oh, and let's not forget it's only been a week since the company unveiled Mountain Lion to the masses, and we've spent much of that time pondering the forthcoming OS update.

Universal Access tips for everyone

Although Universal Access is designed with those with disabilities in mind, there are features within that can help everyone. Chris Breen points out some highlights.

With Gatekeeper, Apple promotes safe computing

The argument's long been that Macs are safer than Windows PCs because malfeasants choose to target the larger pool of potential victims. But that doesn't explain why iOS is safer than Android. Apple's continued focus on security does.

Pondering Mountain Lion

Macworld staff writer Lex Friedman, staff editor Serenity Caldwell, and senior associate editor Dan Moren speak about their hopes, dreams, and wishes for features that could still make it into Mountain Lion before its summer release.

Sandbox deadline delayed yet again to June 1

Apple told Mac developers Tuesday that it would be extending the sandboxing deadline for all App Store apps yet again, this time to June 1. Additionally, Apple has confirmed that apps may remain on the App Store without sandboxing after this deadline, but developers may only submit bug fix updates for them. Macworld spoke with several app developers about their thoughts on the extension.

Weekly Wrap: Mountain Lion, Mountain Lion, other stuff, and Mountain Lion

If you missed the big news this week, boy are you in for some exciting reading: Apple announced a new release of OS X. But while that announcement and its aftershocks dominated the week's news, we wrote about a few other things as well.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Mail

When Apple released Lion (OS X 10.7), Mail received its biggest overhaul ever, gaining many new and noteworthy features. The changes to Mail in Mountain Lion are more subtle, though there are some nice improvements, along with one significant omission.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Safari

Though Safari didn't receive as huge an overhaul in Mountain Lion as other OS X apps have, it still got some love from the folks in Cupertino. Here are a few brief impressions of Safari's new features.