Don't-Miss Printer Stories

Epson unveils new WorkForce 635 printer

On Tuesday, Epson released the WorkForce 635, a multifunction printer (MFP) targeted at small business.

Kodak releases new ESP 9250 multifunction printer

Kodak on Friday released a new multifunction printer (MFP), the ESP 9250. The new device replaces the ESP 9 as Kodak’s top-of-the-line MFP.

Canon releases new Pixma photo multifunction printers

Canon releases new Pixma photo multifunction printers.

Brother app enables free mobile printing and scanning

Brother offers a free iPhone app that lets users of its all-in-one printers print documents and photos from their iOS devices. You can also use the app to scan directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Konica Minolta releases new monochrome laser printers for business

Konica Minolta on Monday released two new printers for business.

Epson releases new $100 WorkForce 325 MFP

Epson on Tuesday released the WorkForce 325, a new multifunction printer (MFP) for home offices and small businesses.

Epson’s new Artisan printers are for image conscious

Epson released three new multifunction printers for its Artisan lineup. The new Artisan 835, Artisan 725, and Artisan 725 Arctic Special Edition are targeted at users who frequently print photos, as well as typical office documents.

Apple updates HP, Epson drivers for Snow Leopard

New drivers for printers and scanners from the two manufacturers arrive to OS X 10.6.

Remains of the Day: Floor-to-ceiling iPhone wallpaper

We’re in the eye of the storm between the release of iOS 4 and the crushing crowds lining up for the iPhone 4 on Thursday. What better way to cleanse your palate than with this fine assortment of amuse-bouche that we call the remainders for June 22, 2010.

HP enables remote printing via an e-mail address

HP's forthcoming printers costing more than US$99 will let users print remotely using their mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Remains of the Day: Google backtracks, NBC plays chicken

It’s a world of conflict we live in. If it’s not Google taking potshots at rival Apple, then it’s former Palm employees leaving for Google or NBC and Time Warner taking Adobe’s side in the Flash versus iPhone debate.

HP wants Palm OS for Web-connected printers, Hurd says

HP is buying Palm because it wants the company's operating system to use in Web-connected printers, Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd said on Tuesday.

Remains of the Day: Mac, Apple IIe poised for comebacks

Steve Jobs is still answering e-mails, TV networks are taking different tacks with HTML5, and the iPad and Apple IIe are on their way to starring in a buddy action movie.