Don't-Miss Security Stories

A huge X-ray system is scanning entire trucks at Super Bowl 50

A massive truck-based X-ray system and 32-mile ban on drones are two of the security measures in place for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara.

Iris scanning simplifies cash aid for Syrian refugees

The United Nations is using an iris-scanning biometric ID system to streamline the delivery of money to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Hands-On: How Intel Authenticate will replace the password

Intel has quietly built what it calls Authenticate technology into its Skylake with vPro chips for businesses, combining multiple means of authentication for greater security.

White House to meet Silicon Valley tech firms on combating radicalization

A team of senior White House officials plans to meet with Silicon Valley tech leaders on Friday to discuss ways the two can work together in combating radicalization and extremism.

NASA on quantum computer security

NASA's Rupak Biswas speaks at Ames Research Center on Dec. 8, 2015.

Challenging the liability of bad end users in cybersecurity

In Part 3 of our three-part interview with Alejandro N. Mayorkas from the Department of Homeland Security, CSO Contributing Writer Ira Winkler discuss regulation in cybersecurity and liability issues of end users.

Shoring up cybersecurity with Homeland Security

In Part 2 of this three-part video series, CSO Contributing Writer Ira Winkler (The Irari Report) discuss vulnerabilities within the power grid, and where opportunities exist for improvement.

Tim Cook speaks cybersecurity at Stanford

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned of "dire consequences" if tech companies can't protect the privacy of those who use their products.

Another cybersecurity gap: Filling jobs

Security experts weigh in on the shortage of cybersecurity workers and what can be done to close the skills gap.

In the run-up to Black Hat conference, all apps are suspicious

A lot of security companies are focusing on app safety in the build-up to Blackhat, the major security conference held in Las Vegas each summer. Here's a look at one company the discovered a significant Android vulnerability.