Don't-Miss Servers Stories

OS X Server for Mavericks is now available, though not free

Apple went on a bit of a "free" kick Tuesday, labeling everything from its operating system down to minor apps with the price tag. But there are still some things the Cupertino company is willing to charge for: OS X Mavericks Server, released Tuesday evening, is one of them.

Help wanted: Apple using Oracle, IBM servers in data center

Apple is running servers from IBM and Oracle with flavors of the Unix operating system at its Malden, North Carolina, data center, according to a job entry posted on the company's website.

Intel introduces first server chips with 3D transistors

Intel on Monday announced faster and more power-efficient Xeon server processors, including the low-power E3 chip that has 3D transistors.

HP to release server management apps for iOS, Android

HP's server management apps will help system administrators check on the health of servers.

Macworld | iWorld goes on down to South Park, has itself a time

Three representatives of South Park Studios spoke at Macworld | iWorld this week, explaining how the Mac -- and Autodesk Maya -- play crucial roles in helping produce the long-running animated series.

Mac Mini Vault offers colocation for your mini server

Mac Mini Vault's data service solution means someone else can maintain that Mac Mini Server.

Remains of the Day: Supersize me

It's a mega-giganta-humungo edition today, as we cover everything from Apple losing yet another prototype iPhone, to a neighborly Steve Jobs, to Tim Cook's email habits.

Apple tweaks applications, utilities for Lion

Along with OS X Lion, the latest version of its operating system for Macs, Apple on Wednesday released updates to a number of its utilities and applications to bring support for the new OS.

Remains of the Day: Passive? Aggressive.

It's not always an either/or scenario: take Steve Jobs dishing truth on the fate of the Xserve and compare to an Adobe executive complaining about Apple's attitude towards Flash. Then there's T-Mobile trying to, what, horn in on iPhone sales?

IT conference attendees react to Xserve's demise

Assembled IT professionals reacted to the announcement of the Xserve's death during the MacTech conference in Los Angeles.

Apple discontinues the Xserve

Apple on Friday announced that the company will no longer make Xserves after January 31, 2011.

Are Macs really cheaper to manage than PCs?

Does "I'm a Mac" mean "I'm less expensive to manage?" An Enterprise Desktop Alliance survey says Macs cost a lot less than PCs to manage.

Intel to launch eight-core Nehalem-EX this month

Intel will announce the eight-core Nehalem-EX chips this month, an Intel official said.